Every collector should have the ability to display their pieces for any number of reasons in a variety of different ways. Whether for an intimate showing, an appraisal meeting, a gallery style exhibition, or a private potential sale, Museo Vault offers a customizable viewing and exhibition room where you can put display your artwork in a safe and secure first class setting, even without the need to be present.

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Our Viewing Room includes two sets of lighting, one with spot lights that can be aimed towards an installed artwork and another with flood lights that allow the even spread of light throughout the wall and room. Both are controlled separately and the flood lights are on dimmers.
Space & Clearance
With 12 ft double doors, our 600 sq ft viewing room has room to display oversized works. It measures 20 x 30 ft and has a height clearance of approximately 14 ft. With its neutral white color, you can be sure to keep the emphasis on the artwork and the artwork alone.
Customization & Versatility
With the open floor plan of our viewing room there are virtually unlimited combinations of staging options, including seating on a couch, bench-like chairs, even a conference table, all depending on the nature of the viewing. We can even offer catering options and event planning opportunities, especially during art season.
Limited Access
Our top-notch security extends to the viewing room, so when your pieces are on display there is secure, limited access monitored by video and armed with magnetic locked doors for the duration your artwork is on display.

Client Testimonials

"Whenever I have any art related projects the first company I call is Museo Vault. The staff is professional, reliable, efficient, and cost effective. I would never use any other art handling company."
— Cricket Taplin of The Collection at The Sagamore Hotel

"I am pleased to recommend Museo Vault for any storage, shipping, crating, and packing needs of any artworks, sculpture and paintings. I have used them numerous times when I have lent out works to out of town institutions and found them to be professionally qualified and very dependable in a timely manner. The facility of Museo Vault is second to none, and I consider it a great resource and one of its kind in the City of Miami."
— Martin Marguiles of The Margulies Collection

"We are very satisfied with Museo’s service and professionalism. Museo is the only place to store art. There is no other place that offers more peace of mind that your collection is safe."
— Diana Naranjo, Client