Why Space Customization is Critical When it Comes to Art Storage


Art needs delicate handling and care to retain its beauty for as long as possible. Humidity, salt, mishandling and theft are some of the dangers that threaten art. Space customization helps minimize these hazards and is critical for art storage.


Climate Control

Humidity and water are among the greatest dangers to artwork. With space customization, a room, vault, shelf or space can be monitored with sensors to keep the air optimal for the works. In the case of a fire, sprinkler systems deploy only in very specific areas. Sleeves for ultraviolet protection cover lights, and customized spaces have backup systems in case the main system goes offline. This is especially critical in hurricane-prone areas, which is why Museo Vault has a building that is category-5 hurricane proof.


Maximizes Space in Homes

Many serious collectors of art have more pieces than they can display at any one time. Space customization allows them to rotate the art both inside and outside their homes to keep pieces safe and fresh. Collection managers are happy to visit homes and discuss ways in which art collectors can best store art given the house‚Äôs conditions. Collection managers also work with art collectors to install artwork based not only on the collector’s preferences, but on the strengths of the work and the house.


Peace of Mind and Accessibility

For off-site art storage, collectors do not need to worry about the safety of their pieces. Security is top-notch, and movers are meticulous in safe handling and transportation. They understand the intricacies of art, from the most delicate rice paper and tiniest paintings to room-size installations. They transport artwork locally or internationally. Video streaming and website features also allow collectors to see their pieces in real time and show them off to others. Viewing rooms also let collectors visit their works in person.


Space customization for art storage provides the best of all worlds. It provides flexibility, security, safety and accessibility.