Top Tips On How To Display Wall Art

A fine collection of paintings and other types of art that can be hung on or leaned against walls deserves to be shown off. If you have been asking how to display wall art, here are some tips for coming up with the best configuration that fits your art show display collection or your artwork display at home.

Eclectic Gallery Wall Art Display

Pieces with unique frames, varied sizes and styles, and differing subject matter don’t have to be separated to make them look important. In fact, such a collection of wall art display benefits most from being grouped together rather than spread too far apart. The larger your collection, the more interesting the artwork will appear individually and as a group.

The best way to work out a configuration for an eclectic collection is to trace the frames or canvases onto butcher or kraft paper. After cutting out the templates, play with the placement by taping the templates on the wall and moving them around to create a balanced and visually pleasing grouping. Start by placing the largest pieces evenly throughout the designated space and then using smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. Keep the space between pieces fairly small and uniform for cohesiveness and to prevent scattering the art over too broad an area. Once you have the configuration you like, tap your picture-hanging apparatus through the paper into the wall, remove the paper template, and hang the real piece.

Rotating Collection

When you have more artwork to display than space, set up a simple rotating system by installing picture rails. Picture rails attached to your wall at just below eye level means displayed art pieces are at the perfect height for viewing. Lean larger pieces against the wall and layer smaller pieces in front of larger ones for a dynamic display. Change out pieces regularly to keep the display fresh and eye-catching.


Hanging artwork in a symmetrical way creates a soothing, peaceful atmosphere in a home. Create symmetry through the use of identical frames and mattes, painting frames the same color, and hanging pieces symmetrically. Focal walls, above large pieces of furniture such as sofas or tables or along hallways are all excellent spaces in which to create symmetry.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about how to hang and display your art collection. Search for ideas online or get some ideas from interior designers or art specialists. When it comes to safely storing and preserving your art treasures in Southern Florida, rely on the expertise of Museo Vault. We specialize in providing top quality fine art and antique storage along with an array of related services.

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