The 3 Biggest Considerations with Fine Art Shipping


fine art shipping


Shipping a collection of artwork that you’ve carefully collected over the years can be stressful and worrisome. When looking for a company that offers fine art shipping, there are several things to consider when you’re comparing companies that could move your art collection.


3 Specific Issues to Consider:

  1. The Company’s Safety Record. For art collectors shipping their collection, placing those pieces in someone else’s hands can be scary. No one wants to be surprised to find that their artwork was damaged during packing, shipping, or handling. To find out how careful the company’s movers are, inquire about their safety record. If possible, talk to other clients to learn about the mover’s safety record. If you are not totally confident after hearing what you find, look for another company to handle your collection.
  2. Professionalism. The appearance and attitudes of employees can say a lot about a company’s professionalism. Does the office look like it’s clean and well-kept? Do the representatives work as a team and conduct themselves in an experienced fashion? Talk to others who have used the service and find out if the company’s professionalism met certain expectations. You want to know that your artwork will be protected in sturdy boxes and that the boxes carefully handled by attentive workers.
  3. Efficiency and Economy. This refers to how quickly and affordably a company can meet your fine art shipping needs. Find out what the average shipping times are, and what the associated costs are, before you sign a contract. Find out if there are extra charges for rush jobs, and if it is important to you that they are ecologically friendly, ask if they use recycled materials to protect your artwork.

At Museo Vault, fine art shipping doesn’t have to be a scary process. Contact them today to find out about our fine art moving services and how they can help you.