New Guccivuitton Exhibit in ICA Miami’s Atrium Gallery

Guccivuitton exhibition at ICA Miami

(Miami, Florida) — The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami is pleased to announce the opening of a new gallery-show and sales exhibit in the museum’s Atrium Gallery: Guccivuitton.


The Guccivuitton exhibition is located in ICA Miami’s Atrium Gallery and is running from May 14, 2015 to September 25, 2015. The gallery is comprised of the artists collective Guccivuitton founded by Loriel Beltran, Domingo Castillo and Aramis Gutierrez. The exhibit challenges traditional notions of authorship.


The four-story artist-run exhibit is a sales gallery comprised of unsold work by more than 30 artists. Pieces are displayed on multi-story storage racks created by the design firm Office GA. All pieces are available until they are sold. The artists who put together the collection have a desire to equalize the role and value of design, folk art, and fine art.


This innovative exhibit will be on display at The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami until September 25, 2015.


Guccivuitton founders

About Guccivuitton

The collective group Guccivuitton formed in 2013 in Little Haiti, Miami as part of a growing group of artist-run galleries. With an emphasis on vernacular culture and local art, Guccivuitton’s three founders are: Loriel Beltran (b. 1985), Domingo Castillo (b. 1984), and Aramis Gutierrez (b. 1975). The group’s initiative includes challenging the typical notion of authorship in folk art, design, and fine art. Both Loriel Beltran and Aramis Gutierrez have had solo exhibitions in Miami. Domingo Castillo has work that has been exhibited internationally. Guccivuitton Co-Founder Aramis Gutierrez is the Collection Manager for Museo Vault, a premiere private gallery space and fine art storage facility for Miami artists.


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