Anniversary Event

Museo Vault Presents: Locust Projects 20th Anniversary Event

The 20th Anniversary Benefit Dinner for the Locust Projects is sponsored by the Museo Vault, a local fine art and antique storage facility dedicated to meeting the highest needs of art clients around the world.

The event will be held November 10, 2018, at The Standard Spa Miami Beach. From 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. guests will enjoy fine dining among friends and colleagues, as well as artist performances and other creative art events.

We will be honoring the incredible chairs of the board of directors, Debra and Dennis Scholl and our founding artists, Westen Charles, Elizabeth Withstandley, and COOPER.

We also feature Locust Projects’ first major publication, produced by Tra Publishing.

What is Locust Projects?

In 1998, three Miami-based artists came together to organize a not for profit exhibition space for local, national and international artists, inviting and encouraging contemporary visual artists to create temporary site-specific installations, to use the space for experimentation and development without the restrictions and pressures that accompany traditional exhibition spaces. This became what we know as Locust Projects. Now located in Miami, Locust Projects is involved in many educational programs and initiatives that benefit the local community.

Dennis and Debra Scholl

In 2001, when Locust Projects became officially incorporated, a board of directors was added and Debra and Dennis Scholl were welcomed as the founding chairs of the board. They continue serving in this capacity today, twenty years later.

Debra and Dennis Scholl started their careers as lawyers but made the switch to real estate development, which has allowed them to devote more time to their passions and their community. They are avid art collectors, current and past members of the board of directors for several museums, and have even created their own wine label in Australia. Dennis Scholl is currently the CEO of ArtCenter/South Florida.

Founding Artists

Westen Charles – Known for quirky psychological elements incorporated in his designs. Studied at the University of Miami and the Pratt Institute.

Elizabeth Withstandley – Works with multi-media installations, video art, photography, conceptual, and digital. Studied at the Pratt Institute and the University of Alabama.

COOPER – Known for emotional sculptures portraying emotion, death, and the struggle for power. His pieces include an element of darkness and obscurity. Studied at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Pratt Institute, and the University of Alabama.

Museo Vault

The Museo Vault is proud to provide the art event sponsorship for this prestigious gathering and to be a part of the 20-year legacy celebration. We are the premier provider of fine art and antique storage services in South Florida and also specialize in installation, packaging, transportation, collection management, and shipping services.

To learn more about the fine art services we provide, please visit the Museo Vault or contact us today!