Important Things to Look For in an Art Storage Facility’s Viewing Room



Finding the best place to store and display your artwork or other collectibles can be a challenging proposition. When assessing your options, a key factor should be the facility’s viewing room. You want to select a space that provides an appropriate and safe environment for your artwork. Consider these general guidelines when making your decision:


Viewing Room Set Up

The viewing room should emphasize your artwork in a pleasant environment. There are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Wall Color: The walls of your art storage facility’s viewing room should not distract from what matters: your art. Choose a facility with neutral wall colors.
  2. Lighting: You want flexible lighting options that work with multiple display arrangements. Look for a viewing room that provides spotlights for focusing on individual pieces as well as a broader lighting arrangement that illuminates the walls evenly.
  3. Furniture: The viewing room should be staged with a couch or other furniture available for visitors to sit and view the art. You and your guests should be comfortable while enjoying your collection.

Viewing Room Specifications

The art storage facility should have some basic physical specifications for its viewing room:

  1. Support: The viewing room must have reinforced support behind dry wall for installation security. Alternatively, you will need to find a facility that has a hanging system.
  2. Large Doorways: Particularly if you own larger pieces of art, the viewing room should have doorways that are at least twelve feet tall.

Protecting Your Art

The most essential requirement is that the viewing room and the storage areas at the art storage facility protect the integrity of your artwork. Two considerations are particularly important:

  1. Temperature: Select a facility that provides a climate-controlled viewing room. This is essential to maintaining the integrity of your artwork.
  2. Security and Privacy: To protect your art, choose a facility that maintains security over its viewing room, with a system to limit access to those persons you specify.