Host an Art Viewing Dinner Party with Ease



Hosting a dinner party can be tricky since you are basically hosting two different types of events at once. That being said, when you pull it off it can be a memorable event for everyone involved. Just keep these tips in mind and you will reduce some of the stress of hosting while helping your party to be a hit.

Five Tips to Hosting a Successful Art and Dinner Party  

  1. Let the theme of the artwork guide your menu. If you’re hoping to create a menu your guests won’t forget, this is one way to do it. Are you showing a collection of Italian renaissance works? Consider serving an Italian menu.
  2. When planning your menu at an art viewing party, stick with foods that attendees can carry as they browse the artwork. Small bites and finger foods work well in this situation.
  3. Consider hiring a caterer. If you feel you don’t have the time to cook and to ensure that the food will be hot and ready when your guests are ready to eat, hire someone who can take care of that. You’ll be able to focus on the rest of your party.
  4. Plan your guest list with care. Consider your reasons for hosting this party – are you looking to increase interest in collection pieces that you want to sell? If that’s the case, determine your guest list by considering your friends’ tastes in art.
  5. Allow guests to take their time. A relaxed atmosphere while guests are eating and while they browse the artwork helps to create a memorable event.

Museo Vault’s brunch and dinner party services offer an opportunity to view artwork in a setting specifically designed for the artwork itself. Attendees can eat and drink while touring the storage facility, and very often enjoy learning about the facility or talking art with our knowledgeable staff. For more information on our offerings related to parties and fine art storage, contact us today.


Image by : emdot