Virtual Museum Tours in the Miami Art Scene

In early spring 2020, much of the world came to a halt with the onset of coronavirus COVID-19. Schools closed, concerts canceled, and much of the population across the United States began to limit their movement and stay in their homes. COVID-19 also affected art and culture museums, and to help combat the spread of […]

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New Wave Weekend Event Details in Palm Beach, FL

During the first weekend of December, art lovers and collectors will have the opportunity of attending the second annual New Wave weekend event in Palm Beach, FL. The event will be held from December 7-9, 2019. The topic for 2019 is immigration and inclusion. All the art you’ll see will highlight and promote migrant artists. […]

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Your Guide to the Fabulous Miami Art Deco District

The Miami Art Deco Historic District is chock-full of flavorful, colored infrastructure, exquisitely adorned with intricate designs. These century-old buildings have been carefully preserved so viewers can get an idea as to what life might have looked like back in the bygone era. Art Deco is a modern take on neoclassical style with serious inclusion […]

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Top Tips On How To Display Wall Art

A fine collection of paintings and other types of art that can be hung on or leaned against walls deserves to be shown off. If you have been asking how to display wall art, here are some tips for coming up with the best configuration that fits your art show display collection or your artwork […]

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Your Guide to Buying Fine Art

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and this is so very true when you buy fine art. You will want to take your time to research pieces, but it’s also important to choose items that you simply enjoy viewing. If you are considering art as an investment, be meticulous with your research to […]

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How to Prevent Water Damage to Art Caused by Flooding

If you’re an avid art collector or an artist yourself living in Miami, you have probably considered the possibility of a flood occurring. But have you considered what this flood could do to your paintings and other art? Have you taken the proper steps to store your art correctly that will protect against even the […]

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Miami Street Art

Miami’s Top 10 Most Instagrammable Street Art

Miami is a hub for amazing art – whether outdoor art in the form of murals, street art, graffiti and guerilla art, there is art to be enjoyed at every corner of this vibrant city. Miami graffiti offers a variety of arts of all types, objects, forms, and in no particular order, we are about […]

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Red Carpet Event

Vizcaya Museum and Garden’s 62nd Annual Ball

Vizcaya Ball Museo Vault is excited to participate in the widely-anticipated 62nd Annual Ball for Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on November 17, 2018. The ball will highlight Eastern influences on art and high-end fashion with the theme “East Meets West, the Silk Road to Vizcaya.” Philanthropists and art enthusiasts won’t want to miss this elegant […]

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Anniversary Event

Museo Vault Presents: Locust Projects 20th Anniversary Event

The 20th Anniversary Benefit Dinner for the Locust Projects is sponsored by the Museo Vault, a local fine art and antique storage facility dedicated to meeting the highest needs of art clients around the world. The event will be held November 10, 2018, at The Standard Spa Miami Beach. From 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. guests […]

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