At Museo Vault, we understand what it means to trust us with your collection. Our Miami location was built to surpass the standards of the American Association of Museums and designed to specialize in the most high-level needs of museums, galleries, private collections, and estates. Utilizing the most advanced 24/7 security, fire detection, and dry-pipe suppression systems available, our 85,000 sq ft facility was built 18 feet above sea level and constructed to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane. Consistently controlling both temperature and humidity, the Museo Vault Miami location includes UV filtration on all interior lighting, and is backed by redundant mechanical systems and a gas powered generator. The second Museo Vault location in Palm Beach offers similar features like climate-controlled storage, high security, and video monitoring. Whether you need a flat file, shelf, rack, communal or private storage suite, Museo Vault will find a space that is custom to your needs. Inquire about our long term lease specials and request a quote today.


Miami Location
346 NW 29th St Miami, FL 33127
(305) 751-1175

Palm Beach Location
400 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 200, West Palm Beach, Fl 33407
(561) 469-6188

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State-of-the art security
Museo Vault Miami is an approved storage facility for AIG, Chubb, and AXA insured collections. Protecting the caliber of property contained within our premise is our priority. With hundreds of alarm contacts and censors including those within the walls and pipes, absolutely nothing go undetected. As if that wasn't enough, Museo Vault is also monitored by video surveillance 24/7. Come as close as 50 yards after hours, and you'll find yourself minutes away from dispatch of the local police.
Cat 5 hurricane rated
Hurricanes barreling across South Florida can severely damage and even destroy many buildings in their path. But when you build a storage facility from the ground up that includes proper design, minimal openings, little to no windows, and an elevated floor plan, you can not only survive strong winds and high storm surge, you can call yourself hurricane proof.
Climate control
Museo Vault utilizes the latest HVAC technologies to create a stabilized environment, minimizing airborne particles, managing indirect air flow and keeping temperature and relative humidity within conservation parameters. Additionally, the Miami location is equipped with sensors and data loggers to track, detect and prevent large fluctuations in both temperature and humidity.
Redundant systems
In the event of a catastrophe, our natural gas powered generator enables all critical systems to run indefinitely at 100% of their capacities if outside power sources become unavailable. Even when we have electrical power, our redundancy mechanics eliminate the possibility of technical failures. These failsafe systems, guarantee our facility becomes totally self-contained, minimizing the risk of security breaches and/or temperature and humidity fluctuations at any given time.
UV filtration and LED Lighting
Every lighting fixture at Museo Vault in Miami includes a full spectrum filters that transports ordinary fluorescent tubes into high performance lighting by blocking out harmful UV rays that can damage delicate artwork with fading and cracking. These UV "jackets" also significantly reduce glare that can hinder the details viewing needs. With LED lighting installed in our new Palm Beach location, heat and damage concerns are a thing of the past, allowing art to be better lit without risking damage.
Dry-pipe Sprinkler System
There is no running water within the pipes of our Miami location sprinkler system, rather only in pumps set on each floor. The activation of water from the pump and into the pipes is only triggered when both heat and smoke are detected at the same time. Even then, water is only sent to the area where both heat and smoke are detected.

Client Testimonials

"I can’t thank Museo Vault and their team enough for expediting their services. It is tremendously appreciated by myself and our crew."
— Reed V. Horth of Robin Rile Fine Art

"Museo Vault went above and beyond their job descriptions and I am super grateful!"
— Susan Becker – Client

"We were very pleased with the arrangements made my Museo Vault. It always works out so well!"
— Phil Fidler – Client