Why Climate-controlled Self Storage is Recommended for Fine Art

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Protect your art collection at Museo Vault. Do you want to preserve your art collection in South Florida? Climate-controlled storage is a must. Damp, leaky attics, musty basements, and garages are no place for fine art. There are some parts of the country where you can often store paintings, statuary, and other art objects in studios or even partially finished garage areas, at least for part of the year. However, South Florida’s high humidity levels, heavy storms, and scorching heat make for a pretty tough environment in storage areas that are not climate controlled. This blog will introduce art storage and climate controlled fine art storage, contrasting this type of specialized storage with typical storage units, and will touch on how the unique climate of Miami and South Florida can affect items in long-term storage if they are not stored in a climate-controlled unit.

What is climate controlled storage?

If a unit is climate controlled, it means that both moisture levels and temperature are kept at a constant level. These are critical factors in preserving art. Humidity levels in even indoor, air-conditioned environments and studios in Florida can often far exceed recommended levels for art storage. If your art is kept in a humid environment, wood canvas frames will swell, and delicate watercolors, pencil drawings, and pen and ink illustrations can smear and be permanently damaged. 3D art and sculpture made from natural materials (including wood, paper, and other porous substances) will swell, crack, and lose its value.

How storms affect art storage

Hurricane season brings heavy rains to Florida. These rains create a high risk of flooded homes or leaking attics. For this reason, it’s best to not store valuable art in a studio you use only seasonally, since there is a chance that the art will be damaged while you are away. In addition to the potential damage that humidity poses to art storage, the climate also invites many insects and other pests that could gnaw away at or otherwise destroy art that is placed in storage. That is another reason why storing art in a disused studio or gallery (particularly if you don’t check on it often) can be risky for valuable art.

Store Your Art in the Right Place

Specialized art storage locations offer premium art storage space for artists and collectors in South Florida. At Museo Vault, clients can rent individual storage units for their art collection. Whether you need storage for marble statues or delicate canvases, we have units available in all sizes and dimensions. White glove service, gallery rental, and even remote gallery set up are available onsite.