The Essentials of Properly Storing Art

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Great art needs to be taken care of, especially if you aren’t displaying it at the moment. If you have a large collection, chances are you will not have enough room in your home for showing it all and will need a safe place to store the pieces that you don’t have on your walls. Using a storage unit is one of the best ways to keep your art safe but only if you choose a reputable facility designed with specific features to protect you art. If you are interested in storing your art, you should look for these features in a storage facility:

storage for paintings

Climate Controlled Storage

It is important that the storage building used to store your art is climate controlled. The wrong climate will cause mold and mildew that will damage your art. Improper temperature will make the paint brittle, which can potentially cause cracking or peeling of the paint.


Proper Frame Care

Your paintings have to be protected from their glass frames while in storage. You should have a mat that is free of acid in between the painting and the glass. The glass should be carefully stored and handled because of its fragileness. The corners of the frame should be protected so they will not get damaged or cause damage to other art in the storage unit.


Flat Files

If you have paintings that are not in frames, you should store them flat and not in packing tubes. Flat files make great storage for paintings. Paintings should be stored in art folders that are acid free in order to prevent them from touching, transferring colors, or damaging each other.


A facility with these features will help your art retain its value while it is in storage.


Museo Vault understands the importance of your art collection and has a system in place to properly store your art in its Miami facility so you know that your art is safe and secure.


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