The Benefits of Having a Professionally Managed Collection

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Whether your art collection is large and varied or you’re just starting to amass a variety of paintings, it’s a great idea to know exactly what’s in your collection, how much it’s worth, and where each piece is at any given moment. Proper art collection management takes time, something that many people just don’t have. There are many details to keep straight and a lot of work to do to care for growing collections – that’s why it’s often easier to turn the collection management duties over to a professional who is well-versed in those details.

When you’re finding storage for paintings you’ve collected, you’ll want to have someone knowledgeable by your side. There are multiple benefits to turning over the collection management duties to a professional.


Three Benefits to Having Your Collection Professionally Managed

  1. Collection management gives you a clear picture of what is in your collection. These professionals can help you create a plan for other pieces that you hope to acquire to complete your collection. Some companies offer secure online access to your art collection’s records.
  2. Professional collection managers create detailed records.Services that manage painting and art collections regularly create condition reports – lists of items and descriptions of current conditions. They keep records of how the value of these items appreciate or depreciate in value as well.
  3. Collection managers create comprehensive inventories.Whether you want documentation on your first few pieces or you have a large collection of paintings, professional collection management personnel create inventory lists and update them regularly. These inventories often include photographs of items you’ve added to your collection, at the time you’ve added them as well as over the years, with updated photographs and descriptions.

When you’re looking for storage for paintings and collection management services, the professionals at Museo Vault can help you to keep up-to-date and thorough records to build your collection.

Image By : martin pettitt