Fine Art Management: The Benefits of Collections Management Services

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Humans collect things. What’s more, we collect things from a young age and continue as we age—from seashells gathered on a beach during a childhood vacation to curating hundreds of pieces in an art museum. Because of this tendency to collect, we all practice some form of collections management. For a child with seashells, it means putting the shells in some sort of order to best facilitate his imaginative play; for a busy stay-at-home mom, it means keeping track of all the accouterments of child rearing; for a building contractor, it means knowing what needs to be done and what obstacles stand in the way of completing a build or remodel; and for art collectors, it means knowing where each fine art piece is at any given moment in time.

But fine art collections management is far more than just knowing where your collection is physically. For dedicated collectors, collections can get so large or unwieldy that other specific tasks related to the care, movement, and distribution of individual pieces become vital. What’s more, you may not have the time or knowledge to adequately take care of an important collection and its needs. This is where professional fine art management services come in.

While you attend to personal or business matters, a collections management service takes care of the following:

  • Procuring, designing, and maintaining proper storage spaces
  • Creating and updating collection inventories
  • Finding and designing exhibition spaces
  • Tracking individual pieces as they are loaned or moved from one place to another
  • Implementing proper insurance policies, including regular assessment of the policies to make sure they always accurately reflect an evolving collection
  • Providing resources for financial appraisals
  • The physical tasks of moving and handling art works and pieces
  • Deciding which pieces require conservation services and when

As a fine art collector, the benefits of a dedicated and experienced collections management service are invaluable. Museo Vault, located in South Florida, offers expert fine art management services, allowing you to enjoy your collection without feeling overly burdened by its needs. Visit our Services page now to get more information about how we can help you manage your valued fine art.