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The Wynwood Arts District: Bustling with Art and Creativity

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The Wynwood Arts District is a vibrant and thriving piece of Miami’s cultural scene. For more than a decade, the district has been home nearly 100 art galleries, museums and art-related businesses. The neighborhood is bustling with activity most weekends, thanks to the various businesses and artists who have moved into the area.


A Little History

The district was the brainchild of art curator Mark Coetzee, who created the Wynwood Arts Association, based on a project, an art night he’d created in his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. In the past 11 years, the association has grown to encompass an entire geographical region in Miami, Fla. From an art night to an area of more than 70 art galleries, five museums, a dozen art studios and half a dozen art collections. It also includes one of the largest open-air art installations in the world, according to the district’s web site


Growth through the Years

Over the years, the association has taken over warehouses and buildings to create a thriving center for art festivals and educational opportunities. The district’s events include the Wynwood Art Walk and various exhibitions, concerts, classes and lectures.The Wynwood Art Walk is held twice a month and includes guided graffiti tours and gallery tours.

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Image : Wynwood Website