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When it Comes to Art Storage In Miami, Should You Really Be Concerned About Power Outages?

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Power outages occur without warning. While there are seven power plants in Miami that power city services and provide electricity to area residents and business owners, the possibility of a power outage is still present. When it comes to art storage, a power outage can be a terrible risk, since it means that things like security and temperature control systems will not work.


Reasons for Power Outages

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Florida is one of the largest producers of electricity in the country, but still needs to bring in electricity from other states. Despite all of this electricity being present, there is still the possibility of outages.

There are many reasons that a power outage might occur. Severe weather incidents, like tropical storms, hurricanes and high winds can cause problems, but cable failures and trees or limbs hitting the lines can also be an issue. Not only that, but animals can even cause a transformer to blow and power to fail.


What Plans are in Place for Power Failures?

As you choose a facility for art storage in Miami, you may wonder if you need to worry about power failures. You might want to look at several companies and ask about the facility’s backup generators, fire suppression systems and the like. Certain kinds of fine art cannot afford to be without climate control and it takes time for city personnel to fix the cause of the outage problem.

In the event of an emergency, you’ll want a company that has a good contingency plan in place – power generators that are strong enough to run and power 100% of the facility’s needs for several days are a great indicator that an art storage company is prepared to protect your art in the event of an unexpected power failure.


If you’re looking for art storage in Miami, trained professionals at Museo Vault have the experience and knowledge to keep your valuables safe. They have a strong backup power and security system for just that reason. Contact Museo Vault today to find out how they can help you store your art collection.

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The Wynwood Arts District: Bustling with Art and Creativity

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The Wynwood Arts District is a vibrant and thriving piece of Miami’s cultural scene. For more than a decade, the district has been home nearly 100 art galleries, museums and art-related businesses. The neighborhood is bustling with activity most weekends, thanks to the various businesses and artists who have moved into the area.


A Little History

The district was the brainchild of art curator Mark Coetzee, who created the Wynwood Arts Association, based on a project, an art night he’d created in his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. In the past 11 years, the association has grown to encompass an entire geographical region in Miami, Fla. From an art night to an area of more than 70 art galleries, five museums, a dozen art studios and half a dozen art collections. It also includes one of the largest open-air art installations in the world, according to the district’s web site


Growth through the Years

Over the years, the association has taken over warehouses and buildings to create a thriving center for art festivals and educational opportunities. The district’s events include the Wynwood Art Walk and various exhibitions, concerts, classes and lectures.The Wynwood Art Walk is held twice a month and includes guided graffiti tours and gallery tours.

With so many artistic works available, galleries to tour and large art installations to explore, there’s always something going on in the Wynwood Arts District. For artists who show in the district, plan to set up exhibitions, or need fine art moving, there’s a company that can make those tasks simpler. Museo Vault is happy to offer a variety of art storage and setup services, as well as providing a climate controlled exhibition room. Contact Miami-based Museo Vault today to learn about their available services- including fine art moving and setup as well as art storage in Miami.

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Hurricane Season Brings Multiple Chances for Art Disasters. Consider Seasonal Storage

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Late summer into winter can lead to crazy weather patterns in the Miami area. For art collectors, museums and gallery owners, these patterns lead to specific concerns about caring for artwork in their possession.


Whether you’re storing precious paintings, sculptures or even woodcraft creations, the threat of damage due to hurricanes can seriously impact your collection. If a storage unit isn’t strong enough or well-suited to withstand the intensity of this type of storm, you could suffer serious financial loss.


If you plan to be travelling during hurricane season, then it’s a good idea to use seasonal storage to keep your pieces safe. Here are a few reasons why you should consider storing artwork in a storage

facility that features seasonal hurricane-proof art storage in Miami.

  1. It has been projected that insurance companies had to pay out more than $500 million for artwork damaged by Superstorm Sandy. This ended up being one of the largest insurance payouts for fine art damage in history, which could have been prevented if more of the people involved had an emergency plan in place for their collection.
  2. In 2012, Tropical Storm Isaac wrought havoc on the Miami area and caused more than $72 million in damage, according to Palm Beach County officials.
  3. Some facilities in Miami have hurricane contingency programs and are built with those plans in mind. Look for a facility that is built to exceed insurance standards with fire suppression, backup power and humidity control. Not only that, but they can help you to pack your items, transport them to the storage location and load them into a hurricane-protected storage unit in the event of an emergency.

Museo Vault offers seasonal art storage in Miami and can help to dispel fears of collection damage due to storms. Contact Museo Vault today to learn more about their services and options.


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