Seasonal Storage: Hurricane Season Storage Tips

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A severe rainstorm in Florida can damage property, indoors and out

Hurricane Season is fast approaching, during which millions of snow birds are heading back north leaving valuables behind in South Florida. Do you have your valuables stored safely away? Will your belongings survive heavy storms? A heavy rain storm can damage property inside and out, and valuable objects like art, statuary, patio furniture, and even indoor art studios should be secured prior to departure.

Use these seasonal storage tips to ensure that you are doing everything possible to secure your possessions in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Keep a record of valuables.

List off valuables kept on your property, including automobiles, electronics, VIN numbers, fine art, and other property that would be a qualified insurance claim in the event that your area was struck by a hurricane. It is much easier to scrawl down a list of valuables now than try to remember everything you kept in your vacation home after a storm hits.

Prepare early.

June 1 marks the official beginning of hurricane season, but locals know that storms can hit earlier than the expected date. That means that it pays to be prepared early. Reserve a storage center in advance, if possible, because there are often waiting lists during hurricane season for prime storage units.

Clean up the yard.

Make plans for removal of tree clippings or garden debris before the season hits. A pile of branches can easily be blown into a window during high intensity storms. Keeping your yard clear of debris year round is aesthetically pleasing, but keeping it tidy during hurricane season is a must since it will ultimately protect your property.

Store valuables off site.

Fine art, vintage cars, valuable jewelry, and other similar items should really be kept at a secure off-site location during hurricane season, such as a bank deposit box for jewelry or at a fine art storage center for priceless art and vintage furniture.

Keep stored items away from moisture.

Whether you’re storing holiday decorations or trompe l’oeil, it is essential to protect your items and store them away properly. In Florida homes, businesses, and studios, moisture damage can easily occur, damaging priceless works of art, documents, and memorabilia. Prior to storing delicate paintings, wrap them in waterproof wraps. Do not store any valuable items (including canvasses or sculpture) that you wish to keep on a cement floor (as a cement floor will absorb all the moisture from the ground after a storm), in an attic (which can leak), or in a basement (which is the dampest part of any building, and the area most prone to flooding). Do store cherished family artifacts, important documents, and works of art in a climate-controlled storage unit during hurricane season in Florida.

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