Mistakes People Make When Packing and Shipping Fine Art

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Packing and shipping fine art properly is important in order to prevent the art from being damaged in transit. Unfortunately, many people don’t always use the right methods for packing and shipping fine art to ensure that nothing happens to it. Here are some common mistakes that people make when packing and shipping their art:




· Using packing material that contains acid. Acid can damage art, reducing its value dramatically. Invest in the right type of packing material for your art and prevent it from getting damaged.


· Packing art in areas that are not isolated or clean. Do you pack your art in the shipping area? Clutter and dirt in the area where you pack your art will cause dirt and dust to get into the package and damage the art. Always pack art in a clean, dirt free area.


· Not lining the box with insulation to create a barrier. Your package is likely going to experience a wide array of temperature and humidity changes on its journey. Line your package with an insulation paper, a bubble wrap, or polyethylene to create a thermal and moisture barrier and keep your art safe from temperature and humidity fluctuations.


· Forgetting to label packages clearly. If you don’t label what is in your packages, it is easy to mix up packages with others or even lose some. Labeling makes it easy to locate your art once it reaches its destination.


· Using just any carrier service. It is best to choose a fine art shipping service that knows how to handle your art. What’s more, they can even help you pack your artwork properly before shipping.


· Not researching enough about the best way to pack and ship fine art. Without doing proper research especially when not having enough experience with packing fine art, you put yourself at risk of damaging your art. Talk to the professionals, they can help you with packing and shipping fine art the right way.


Image By: jelene