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Storing Art Supplies: Art Supply Storage Tips

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Many artists come to Florida for several months each year to work and create some of their most stunning pieces. Some of the most influential artists in the world work in Florida while living in a cottage by the ocean, while living in a high-rise apartment with a loft for a few months, or while living in a small artists’ community where creative collaboration begets greatness.   For many artists, a temporary change in location during the working months sparks new ideas and new ways of seeing the world. If you’re a traveling artist, you probably have art supplies and projects stored in the different cities you work in. Here’s a useful guide on storing art supplies safely.

Storing Oil Paints

Professional artist-quality oil paint can last for 10 to 20 years or longer if stored properly. In Florida’s climate, the humidity level and heat can cause oil paints to age faster if not stored carefully. Since oil paints are pricey, take precautions when storing them for extended periods of time. Before you store oil paints, unscrew the cap and wipe off any residue paint around the cap with a cloth. Then screw the cap tightly on and store cap end down in a plastic airtight container.

Storing Acrylic Paints

When stored, acrylic paints will not last as long as oil paints, but most can last for 5 or more years if stored properly. Professional-quality acrylic paints can last 10 years or more. First, make sure there isn’t a leak (such as a pinhole) in the tube, as this will ruin the paint and cause it to dry out. If you notice a leak, a small piece of duct tape can prevent air from entering the tube and ruining the paint. To prepare acrylic paints for storage, wipe away any excess paint before storing the tubes, as this paint will dry out and crust over, making it hard to open the tubes again. Store acrylic paints in a waterproof, airtight plastic container.

Watercolor Paint Storage

Watercolor paints can last a few months even on the palate, but you won’t want to leave a dirty palate before packing up for the season. Prep tubes of watercolor paint for storage by wiping excess paint off the caps and dispenser end. Make sure tubes are sealed tight. As long as the paint tubes haven’t dried out, they’ll be just as good as new next season when you need them.

Storing Pencils

The general rule with art pencils and colored art pencils is that the higher the quality of pencil, the more carefully they should be stored.. The primary damages that can occur with pencils is heat damage and moisture damage. Colored pencils with soft wax content (such as Prismacolor® pencils) can melt or lose some of their pigment potency if subjected to extreme changes in temperature for an extended period of time. For example, if they’re left in a box in an un-air-conditioned garage, or left in a hot car. If you have many art pencils (colored or otherwise) consider storing them in a cool, dry place.

Storing Chalk and Charcoal

As long as chalk and charcoal are kept in waterproof and airtight containers, they will last for years and years. Sharp changes in humidity can damage these art supplies so even though they’re quite durable, keeping them in a plastic container with an airtight lid is a wise idea.

Paintbrush Storage

The most important thing to remember when storing paintbrushes is to put them away in good, clean condition. Good paintbrushes are an investment and should be washed and dried carefully right after each use. Prior to  long-term storage, use a brush cleaner rather than just washing the paintbrushes the way you usually do, with water or paint thinner. Paintbrushes should be stored away from leaky paint tubes. Most paintbrushes will store well for many years as long as they are in good condition and impeccably clean when they’re put away.

Storing Partially-Completed Art Canvasses

Unfinished works of art should be stored away from risk of moisture damage, vertically on a canvas storage rack, preferably in a museum-quality storage unit. Make sure the canvas is dry before placing it on a rack.   If you need storage space for your art supplies or art collection, Museo Vault is here to help. Museo Vault offers clean, climate-controlled, and secure art storage units of varying sizes in Miami. To reserve your art storage unit today, contact Museo Vault.

Art Southampton Modern Art Fair: July 9-13, 2015

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Art collectors, critics, designers, curators at VIP Event.Thursday, July 9, 2015 — This weekend kicked off the opening of highly acclaimed international modern art fair Art Southampton. Over 5,00 international art collectors, curators, and art critics who had VIP Preview tickets to this premiere modern art fair filed into Nova’s Ark sculpture fields in Bridgehampton for the early sneak peek at the fourth annual Art Southampton.


Put on by Art Miami, Art Southampton will continue to run through July 13, 2015. Art Southampton has emerged in the last few years as the premiere modern art fair event in the Hamptons and an important international art event. Attendees at Thursday’s opening event were some of the world’s most respected curators, art critics, art collectors, designers, and art advisors. The two-tier, 100,000 square foot pavilion set up in the sculpture grounds houses the most sought after pieces of the 20th and 21st centuries. Each day during the art fair, more attendees will be pouring in daily to see the works offered in the modern art arena.


Thursday’s VIP Preview was held to benefit the Parrish Art Museum and Southampton Hospital. It was extremely successful, bringing in over 5,200 guests at the cocktail reception. Art Southampton was founded and put together by Art Miami, presenting work to 85 international art galleries. The New York Academy of Art has an exclusive relationship with Art Southampton and returns to this year’s event with celebrated artist April Gornik, who will be available for book signings.


This year’s fair is being held at:

  • Nova’s Ark Project
  • 60 Millstone Road
  • Bridgehampton, New York

Art Southampton will continue through the weekend, from Noon to 7PM on Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday it will close at 6PM. An exclusive discussion with the Editor in Chief of Luxe Interiors + Design will be held during the fair, highlighting the interaction between interior design and contemporary art. This invitation-only event will be held on Friday July 10 in the VIP lounge, at 5PM.


At last year’s event, over 5,000 collectors and art critics attended the contemporary and modern art fair, with total attendance topping 21,000 by the fair’s end. The previous Art Southampton fairs were held at Southampton Elks Lodge grounds. This is the first year Art Southampton has held the event at Nova’s Ark Project.


About Miami Fine Art Storage

Artists and galleries throughout the Miami area rely on Museo Vault for fine art storage, private gallery showings, and other white-glove art services. For information on fine art storage in Miami at Museo Vault, request a quote today.

New Guccivuitton Exhibit in ICA Miami’s Atrium Gallery

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Guccivuitton exhibition at ICA Miami

(Miami, Florida) — The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami is pleased to announce the opening of a new gallery-show and sales exhibit in the museum’s Atrium Gallery: Guccivuitton.


The Guccivuitton exhibition is located in ICA Miami’s Atrium Gallery and is running from May 14, 2015 to September 25, 2015. The gallery is comprised of the artists collective Guccivuitton founded by Loriel Beltran, Domingo Castillo and Aramis Gutierrez. The exhibit challenges traditional notions of authorship.


The four-story artist-run exhibit is a sales gallery comprised of unsold work by more than 30 artists. Pieces are displayed on multi-story storage racks created by the design firm Office GA. All pieces are available until they are sold. The artists who put together the collection have a desire to equalize the role and value of design, folk art, and fine art.


This innovative exhibit will be on display at The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami until September 25, 2015.


Guccivuitton founders

About Guccivuitton

The collective group Guccivuitton formed in 2013 in Little Haiti, Miami as part of a growing group of artist-run galleries. With an emphasis on vernacular culture and local art, Guccivuitton’s three founders are: Loriel Beltran (b. 1985), Domingo Castillo (b. 1984), and Aramis Gutierrez (b. 1975). The group’s initiative includes challenging the typical notion of authorship in folk art, design, and fine art. Both Loriel Beltran and Aramis Gutierrez have had solo exhibitions in Miami. Domingo Castillo has work that has been exhibited internationally. Guccivuitton Co-Founder Aramis Gutierrez is the Collection Manager for Museo Vault, a premiere private gallery space and fine art storage facility for Miami artists.


For more information on what Museo Vault is doing in the Miami arts scene, visit our website or contact us today to reserve fine art storage space for an art collection.

How to Protect Art for Storage

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The last thing you want to do to your art investment is to ruin it during the storage process. The process of correctly storing canvases—whether framed or unframed—is meticulous but necessary. By using the right handling methods, materials, and storage environments, you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew or scratches damaging your collection.

Always Store Canvas Upright

The best way to store canvas prints and paintings is to keep them upright. Stored flat on their backs or stacked between padding may work as a very temporary measure, but canvas will eventually sag. For long-term storage, therefore, invest in a canvas rack, which holds framed and unframed canvases in separate, upright slots.

Use Acid-Free Paper and Cotton Gloves

Wear light cotton gloves whenever you handle your canvases to prevent the oils from your fingers from smudging the paintings or the glass. Also use acid-free paper to cover exposed canvases, applying it as a layer between the canvas and a light cotton dust cover.

Handle Only One Canvas at a Time

It takes a little longer to do so, but handle only one canvas at a time. This ensures that canvases and frames do not scratch each other. Never carry a stack of paintings from one place to another.

Store Canvas in a Climate Controlled Environment

Air that is too dry or too damp, too hot or too cold (or swinging from one extreme to another during the changing of the seasons) will quickly deteriorate canvas. Keep all your paintings stored in a climate-controlled environment that also contains humidity controls.

Eliminate Sunlight

Sunlight breaks down the canvas fibers and damages paint, thus making it one of the greatest enemies of your art collection. Keep your canvases in a dark room with no windows, or board up any windows to prevent sunlight from entering.

Museo Vault offers superior art storage services in a highly secured, climate-controlled environment. Our storage rooms are professionally designed to eliminate risk from light, fire, and flood as well as give you peace of mind that your collection is safe and secure. Visit our Home page for more information about our art storage and other services.

Seasonal Storage: Hurricane Season Storage Tips

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A severe rainstorm in Florida can damage property, indoors and out

Hurricane Season is fast approaching, during which millions of snow birds are heading back north leaving valuables behind in South Florida. Do you have your valuables stored safely away? Will your belongings survive heavy storms? A heavy rain storm can damage property inside and out, and valuable objects like art, statuary, patio furniture, and even indoor art studios should be secured prior to departure.

Use these seasonal storage tips to ensure that you are doing everything possible to secure your possessions in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Keep a record of valuables.

List off valuables kept on your property, including automobiles, electronics, VIN numbers, fine art, and other property that would be a qualified insurance claim in the event that your area was struck by a hurricane. It is much easier to scrawl down a list of valuables now than try to remember everything you kept in your vacation home after a storm hits.

Prepare early.

June 1 marks the official beginning of hurricane season, but locals know that storms can hit earlier than the expected date. That means that it pays to be prepared early. Reserve a storage center in advance, if possible, because there are often waiting lists during hurricane season for prime storage units.

Clean up the yard.

Make plans for removal of tree clippings or garden debris before the season hits. A pile of branches can easily be blown into a window during high intensity storms. Keeping your yard clear of debris year round is aesthetically pleasing, but keeping it tidy during hurricane season is a must since it will ultimately protect your property.

Store valuables off site.

Fine art, vintage cars, valuable jewelry, and other similar items should really be kept at a secure off-site location during hurricane season, such as a bank deposit box for jewelry or at a fine art storage center for priceless art and vintage furniture.

Keep stored items away from moisture.

Whether you’re storing holiday decorations or trompe l’oeil, it is essential to protect your items and store them away properly. In Florida homes, businesses, and studios, moisture damage can easily occur, damaging priceless works of art, documents, and memorabilia. Prior to storing delicate paintings, wrap them in waterproof wraps. Do not store any valuable items (including canvasses or sculpture) that you wish to keep on a cement floor (as a cement floor will absorb all the moisture from the ground after a storm), in an attic (which can leak), or in a basement (which is the dampest part of any building, and the area most prone to flooding). Do store cherished family artifacts, important documents, and works of art in a climate-controlled storage unit during hurricane season in Florida.

Secured Art Storage for Artists and Collectors

If you would like to move your art collection into your own private, secured, humidity-controlled art storage unit in South Florida, contact Museo Vault to make your reservation today.


The Social Cog Fundraiser at Museo Vault

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As part of the company’s ongoing mission of supporting the community, Museo Vault recently held a fundraising cocktail reception to benefit The Social Cog, an organization that gives social support and coaching to adults with disabilities (including adults with autism). This event, called Night at The Museo, was held at Museo Vault’s gallery viewing space in the Wynwood Art District in Miami. The event included a photography exhibit by New York photographer Debbie Rasiel and a silent auction.


Held on April 30, 2015, Night at The Museo was a well-supported event held at Museo Vault, 346 NW 29th St., in Miami. The exhibit brought out many crowds and resulted in substantial fundraising success for The Social Cog.


IMG_3066For the event, Museo Vault displayed a photography exhibit by Debbie Rasiel entitled “Scenes from South Beach and Wynwood.” Tickets to the event were sold at $50 each and a silent auction was held during the evening, to raise additional funds for The Social Cog.


The Social Cog is a non-profit organization that offers social support services to high functioning individuals with learning and developmental disabilities. It was founded to help adults in a seldom-served segment of the population: post-high school age individuals. Co-Founded by the parent of a 23-year old with autism, The Social Cog helps adults with disabilities make friends, create a sense of community, and create connections.


Based in Miami, Florida, The Social Cog provides social outings and social coaching (during and in between social events) to help participants with disabilities. Participants meet together in small groups based on shared interests. Social opportunities include cooking classes, painting, bowling, kayaking, watching sports events together, laser tag, and many other activities in Miami.


Founded in 2008, Museo Vault offers fine art storage, gallery-style exhibition spaces, private art show setup, and other premiere art services in the Miami metro area. Museo Vault’s location in the Wynwood Art District in Miami makes it a sought-after venue for private art shows and art auctions in South Florida.


To learn more about Night at The Museo, you can read about the fundraising event in the Miami Herald.

Why Climate-controlled Self Storage is Recommended for Fine Art

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Protect your art collection at Museo Vault. Do you want to preserve your art collection in South Florida? Climate-controlled storage is a must. Damp, leaky attics, musty basements, and garages are no place for fine art. There are some parts of the country where you can often store paintings, statuary, and other art objects in studios or even partially finished garage areas, at least for part of the year. However, South Florida’s high humidity levels, heavy storms, and scorching heat make for a pretty tough environment in storage areas that are not climate controlled. This blog will introduce art storage and climate controlled fine art storage, contrasting this type of specialized storage with typical storage units, and will touch on how the unique climate of Miami and South Florida can affect items in long-term storage if they are not stored in a climate-controlled unit.

What is climate controlled storage?

If a unit is climate controlled, it means that both moisture levels and temperature are kept at a constant level. These are critical factors in preserving art. Humidity levels in even indoor, air-conditioned environments and studios in Florida can often far exceed recommended levels for art storage. If your art is kept in a humid environment, wood canvas frames will swell, and delicate watercolors, pencil drawings, and pen and ink illustrations can smear and be permanently damaged. 3D art and sculpture made from natural materials (including wood, paper, and other porous substances) will swell, crack, and lose its value.

How storms affect art storage

Hurricane season brings heavy rains to Florida. These rains create a high risk of flooded homes or leaking attics. For this reason, it’s best to not store valuable art in a studio you use only seasonally, since there is a chance that the art will be damaged while you are away. In addition to the potential damage that humidity poses to art storage, the climate also invites many insects and other pests that could gnaw away at or otherwise destroy art that is placed in storage. That is another reason why storing art in a disused studio or gallery (particularly if you don’t check on it often) can be risky for valuable art.

Store Your Art in the Right Place

Specialized art storage locations offer premium art storage space for artists and collectors in South Florida. At Museo Vault, clients can rent individual storage units for their art collection. Whether you need storage for marble statues or delicate canvases, we have units available in all sizes and dimensions. White glove service, gallery rental, and even remote gallery set up are available onsite.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

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The newest of Miami’s artistic contributions to the world, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, has opened its doors. Currently residing at its temporary location on Northeast 2nd Avenue in Miami, Florida, it will soon move to a new and luxurious home on Northeast 41st Street in the heart of Miami’s Design District. This new building, designed by Spanish firm Aranguren & Gallegos Arquitectos will boast 37,500 square feet, with more than 20,000 square feet of that space dedicated to exhibition galleries and another 15,000 square feet featuring a public sculpture garden.


ICA Miami’s mission statement claims that the institute is “dedicated to promoting the work of contemporary artists, and to the exchange of art and ideas throughout the Miami region and internationally.” The exhibitions will showcase artwork from both established and emerging contemporary artists from all over the globe, with a permanent collection that “articulates cornerstone moments in the careers of some of the most significant artists of our time.”


Admission is free, and the ICA Miami encourages art lovers of all ages to come and contemplate what it has to offer. The current exhibition of New York-based artist Ryan Sullivan’s distinctive paintings runs until August, with future exhibitions from Guccivuitton and Open Call—Web Based Art scheduled for May and August, respectively.


ICA Miami also offers educational and outreach programs for young artists and under-privileged youth as well as college-level seminar classes to adult art lovers and life-long learners. An ICA Family Day is scheduled for June 6, 2015.


Visit the ICA Miami at its current location at 4040 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami on Tuesdays through Sundays from 11am to 7pm. Free admission.


All quotes from ICA Miami’s website.

New Miami Art Gallery Officially Opens this Thursday

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(Miami) On Thursday, June 4, the Wynwood Art District will boast a new gallery: the Valli Art Gallery, which highlights the work of a dozen contemporary artists, including Nina Surel, Olga Andrino, Helidon Xhixha, Fabrizio Corneli, Kenor, and Javier Martin.


Founded by Franco Valli, the gallery’s philosophy is to be as much a laboratory of ideas within the art community as it is a fine art gallery. With a 15-year career on the international art circuit in Europe and two years in the art circuit in the US, Franco Valli created this project with the goal of helping promote new artists’ careers. Having recognized the influence that the city of Miami has on the worldwide art scene with the increase in Miami museums and public spaces, Valli selected the city of Miami for this gallery due to both its potential and its current creative energy. He sees Miami as being in a constant state of evolution.


With experience that spans working as a manager for an artist to gaining entrance in the international European art circuit, Franco Valli is poised to deliver a remarkable entrance into the Miami art scene with the Valli Art Gallery. As he knew several new artists and curators, Valli recognized the need for a space in which to promote their work and enhance their careers, hence the Valli Art Gallery project began.


Valli visualized this new Miami art gallery as a way of ensuring the Valli Artists’ inclusion in private art collections, giving them the opportunity of participating in international shows, and helping promote the artists’ inclusion in institutional art collections. Meeting these goals will enhance the artists’ work and its value in the art community and in the international art circuit. Artists at the Valli Art Gallery are selected based on the conceptual and formal quality of their work, as well as on each artists’ desire to build his or her career and grow as an artist.


The gallery will also display and promote pieces from the Valli Art Collection, including the work of masters such as Donald Baechler, Lucio Fontana, Roberto Barni, Afro Basaldella, and Michelangelo Pistoletto, or other works by important artists that are the result of projects and/or partnerships with international institutions and galleries.


Valli Art provides consulting services with Property Markets Group (PMG), one of the most prestigious builders in United States, working with elite architects and developers of high end commercial and residential properties. The Valli Art Gallery suggests and selects art for new properties that the Property Markets Group is constructing and chooses art for the group’s private collection.


The goal of this project is to be more than a new Miami art gallery; the Valli Art Gallery is designed to be a creative laboratory where new artists, curators, and celebrated masters formulate the future of art and culture worldwide.


To learn more about Valli Art Gallery or get involved in this community, visit the new gallery’s website or contact Valli Art Gallery directly.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015

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An exciting and electrifying art show in a dynamic city, Art Basel Hong Kong drew about 60,000 visitors during its March 12 – 17, 2015, run time, according to the New York Times. The crowds of guests consisted of art lovers, collectors, curators, and delegations from art institutions around the globe, as well as a few well-known celebrities.


Visitors were treated to works from local artists as well as more well-known names representing a strong confluence of East and West. Sales were brisk from the first few moments to the last day as collectors and aficionados snapped up important works from artists all over the world—from mainland China to Great Britain. Art Basel Hong Kong hosted 233 galleries from 37 countries.


Asian buyers showed a new eagerness to consider work from far-flung locations across the globe, from the Middle East to European countries. A Chris Ofili painting netted USD$2 million and a Neo Rauch brought in USD$1 million.


Gagosian Gallery’s booth as well as White Cube’s booth were packed from the start as show visitors lingered near and took pictures with Nam June Paik’s Golden Buddha, 2005, as well as a miniature by Jake and Dinos Chapman.


New artists to the fair were also treated with respect, such as Cambodian artist Leang Seckon, whose art was featured in Rossi and Rossi’s booth. His reasonably priced works found homes with a wide range of buyers from around the world.


The success of Art Basel Hong Kong lies in part because of the 50/50 balance between Eastern and Western art. Asian art is also becoming much more highly represented in other Basel fairs in other parts of the world. It is fantastic that Asian artists are being given the respect and honor they deserve.


It’s been a few years since the inauguration of Art Basel Hong Kong and the global fair, Art Basel, is now found in three major cities, including Basel Switzerland and Miami Beach. Also contributory to their success, are fine art companies who facilitate logistics, installation, and storage for some of these extremely valuable works. Museo Vault is a major resource for Art Basel Miami Beach, having installed the outdoor sector named Public, four years in a row, which include monumental sculptures by artists represented by Gagosian Gallery’s and other galleries of its same caliber. Public 2014 included artists like Lynda Benglis, Tatiana Trouve, and Yinka Shonibare, all who received exceptional response.


When it comes to storing fine art works, Museo Vault is ready and equipped to keep your precious investments safe from harm or damage. Our services include top quality storage solutions as well as public exhibitions, private appraisals, lectures, and more from a staff with over 100 years of fine art handling experience. Visit our Home page to learn more.