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New Wave Weekend Event Details in Palm Beach, FL

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During the first weekend of December, art lovers and collectors will have the opportunity of attending the second annual New Wave weekend event in Palm Beach, FL. The event will be held from December 7-9, 2019. The topic for 2019 is immigration and inclusion. All the art you’ll see will highlight and promote migrant artists.

About the Event

The New Wave Art Wknd in Palm Beach, FL was founded by gallerist Sarah Gavlak. Her purpose behind creating this event was to create a place where attendees can discuss the rapidly growing art community in Palm Beach as well as discuss important issues.

Attendees of the event will experience:

  • Private collection tours
  • Meals with prominent artists and collectors
  • Artist talks and lectures
  • Panel discussions
  • Gallery openings
  • Grand opening of a public art project

A limited number of VIP tickets are available for purchase. VIP ticket holders will have access to further events including:

  • A private dinner party at Amy Phelan’s new home
  • First view and VIP curator tour of Beth Rudin DeWoody’s The Bunker Artspace
  • Two lunches and private collection tours

All $2,500 tickets are partially tax-deductible. Additionally, all proceeds will go to the NWAW Immigrant Artist Residency and non-profit partner City of Asylum to establish an immigrant artist residency program in Palm Beach.

This residency program will provide an immigrant artist a place to live and create their art. They will also receive financial support and studio visits with prominent members of the Advisory Committee. The purpose of this program is to provide immigrant artists with a safe place to grow their talent and expand their network.

Proud Sponsors of New Wave Weekend Event

Museo Vault is thrilled to be attending and sponsoring the New Wave weekend event in Palm Beach, FL. As a sponsor of this event, we will be providing attendees with a gift certificate for two hours of art handling, transportation, and installation absolutely free!

If you’re interested in attending the New Wave weekend event, contact us! We’ll provide additional event details and ticket information

Your Guide to the Fabulous Miami Art Deco District

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The Miami Art Deco Historic District is chock-full of flavorful, colored infrastructure, exquisitely adorned with intricate designs. These century-old buildings have been carefully preserved so viewers can get an idea as to what life might have looked like back in the bygone era.

Art Deco is a modern take on neoclassical style with serious inclusion of exotic motifs such as flora, fauna, and fountains. This architecture came to popularity back in the early 1920s, with the name coming from an exposition in Paris in 1925.

Often recognized for their playful pastel colors and vibrant light hues, many of the buildings erected during this time feature exotic geometric statues, architectural symmetry, glass blocks, round porthole windows, curved structural edges and extensive use of neon lighting.

From retro shapes and designs to fabulous colors, the vintage design of Miami’s Art Deco District is a sight for sore eyes.

With historic sites uniquely engineered so their impressive craftsmanship and personality could be praised and preserved, the Art Deco mecca is much more than simply the occasional splash of festive color!

Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District is comprised of almost 1,000 buildings and structures, all erected between 1923 and 1943. These are nostalgia-invoking historic sites, with easy-to-spot pastel-hued buildings lining the oceanside.

The Preservation of the Art Deco Area of Miami

The Art Deco area of Miami progressively became the first 20th-century neighborhood recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, but this achievement was no skip in the park. Due to decades of neglect, the Art Deco scene was facing plans for destruction, through possible wholesale demolition.

A courageous woman determined to preserve history founded a non-profit organization to save all the dilapidated local art deco buildings.

Barbara Baer Capitman founded the Miami Design Preservation League in 1976, dedicated to protecting and preserving the overall integrity (not to mention outside appearance) of the Beaches Architectural Historic District.

Thanks to the organization’s hard work and unyielding persistence, intensive restoration and renovations have been completed over the years. The Miami Beach Art Deco District is back to being fantastic and flourishing, just as colorful today as it was decades ago!

Must See Miami Architecture

All of the most significant and famous examples of Miami’s Art Deco style can be found along three parallel streets here in South Florida: Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue. As Washington Avenue is more shopping-based, we’ll focus our recommendations for things to do in the Art Deco District of Miami to discovering Art Deco treasures on Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue.

Stroll Along Ocean Drive

Walking down Ocean Drive will provide onlookers with the best view of all the shops, bars, hotels and restaurants that brightly line the street. Take a stroll hand in hand with loved ones and enjoy the trip your eyes (and feet) will take you on.

The buildings are adorned with metal rails, chrome accenting, terrazzo floors, and proudly hanging flags from popular ocean liners that anchored at the Port of Miami back in the 1930s.

The must-see sites are endless; however, the hotel culture in Miami is a wonderful representation of the amazingly unique architecture. Some of the most popular buildings to visit in the district are in fact historic hotels. Three of the most famous hotels are listed below and can be found as you walk along Ocean Drive.

  • The Carlyle Hotel is the first worthy of a shout-out, as it’s starred in movies such as Scarface, Bad Boys 2 and The Birdcage. The Colony Hotel is one of the most photographed buildings in the area and the Sagamore, a boutique nicknamed the Art Hotel, has been described as the Deco District centerpiece since it’s located smack dab on the beach.
  • The Tides is the tallest Art Deco hotel on the strip, and be sure to keep an eye out for The Celino South Beach Hotel, a hip hangout for popular Hollywood celebrities such as Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, and Rita Hayworth.
  • The Villa Casa Casuarina was inspired by a famous structure in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic known as Alcazar De Colon. Alden Freeman, the hotel’s original designer and owner, was so taken with the early 16th-century building that he took a brick from the building and incorporated it into the actual architecture of The Villa Casa. Oh, and Gianni Versace owned and lived in it.

Each of these properties is worth a mention, as their oceanfront pastel buildings, filled with historic Miami prestige, tastefully mix retro aesthetics with modern amenities.

Collins Avenue

Also known as a location where you can see many historic and exciting buildings, Collins Avenue can give you a taste of Miami tradition through several of its more well-known establishments.

  • National Hotel still contains some of its original furniture pieces back from the 1940s. Walking through the doors can feel like walking back in time. The designer, Roy France, worked on this hotel around the same time he was creating The St. Moritz, so you may see some similarities between the two.
  • Location of the former Hoffman’s Cafeteria: this building has passed through many different hands. It was originally known as Hoffman’s Cafeteria and was designed by Henry Hohauser. Though it bounces from restaurant owner to restaurant owner today, it’s definitely still worth stopping by and taking a peek, maybe even grabbing a bite to eat while you’re at it.
  • Sagamore Hotel was designed with a distinctly postmodern feel. It will likely seem slightly different from its surrounding buildings because of this. It’s a hotel, but you can go inside and look around its own personal art gallery!

Take a Tour Around Miami’s Art Deco District

The Art Deco Welcome Center is THE place to visit for all historical and art inspired questions.
If you’ve never been to Miami (or if you just want to learn more about your hip Florida town) this is your first stop. They are known to give away helpful handouts such as maps, pamphlets and expert golden nuggets of knowledge from the local historians onsite.

Daily they offer a variety of tours so that any age group (and even the most introverted of personalities) can comfortably learn more about this magnificently bright district.

The Art Deco Welcome Center is open 7 days a week, providing visiting guests with an extensive array of options from fun-filled activities to informational services:

  • Art Deco Walking Tour: The Miami Design Preservation League, which runs the Welcome Center, offers several tours of Miami Beach’s historic infrastructures.
  • Self-guided Audio Tour: This do-it-yourself tour lets you view Miami at leisure, turning the streets into a self-explanatory museum. The tour’s offered in 10 languages, allowing anyone to tour Miami’s Art without distractions.
  • Ocean Drive and Beyond Tour: Offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays, this tour will take you around the district teaching the difference between Miami’s Art Deco influence versus Mediterranean Revival.
  • Art Deco District Up-to-Date Tour: Listen up night owls: this tour is for you! Each Thursday, groups depart at 6:30 p.m. to whisk tourists around town, visiting architecturally famous local hot spots along the way.

These wonderful excursions are all around $20 and offer an in-depth look into Miami’s Historical Art Deco architecture. Keep in mind, even if touring doesn’t toot your horn, the Center offers educational lectures, films, and museum exhibits.

The Art Deco District of South Beach Miami Is the Place to Be

Colorful buildings aren’t the only enticing factor about the Art Deco District, you’ll find the people residing here just as vibrant. Miami’s Art District is loaded with fun times, retro scenery, festive local (and fine) art, funky boutiques and antique stores that scream vintage heaven.

As we mentioned, fashion designer extraordinaire Giovanni Versace resided here. He lived in a posh Spanish-style mansion, The Villa Casa Casuarina off Ocean Drive. If a famous designer like Versace deemed Art Deco beautiful enough to be constantly surrounded by, it’s probably worth experiencing the district’s vibrant feel!

Come out and witness the retro artistic style that embodies Miami. Put on those creative shades and look at the fabulously bright culture around you.

You won’t want to miss this.

Want to learn more about things to do in the Art Deco District of Miami? Check Out Museo Vault’s resources and other blogs.

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Beyond storage, Museo Vault offers installation, packaging, domestic and international shipping, collection management, insurance, white glove moving, appraisals, restoration, and more.

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Top Tips On How To Display Wall Art

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A fine collection of paintings and other types of art that can be hung on or leaned against walls deserves to be shown off. If you have been asking how to display wall art, here are some tips for coming up with the best configuration that fits your art show display collection or your artwork display at home.

Eclectic Gallery Wall Art Display

Pieces with unique frames, varied sizes and styles, and differing subject matter don’t have to be separated to make them look important. In fact, such a collection of wall art display benefits most from being grouped together rather than spread too far apart. The larger your collection, the more interesting the artwork will appear individually and as a group.

The best way to work out a configuration for an eclectic collection is to trace the frames or canvases onto butcher or kraft paper. After cutting out the templates, play with the placement by taping the templates on the wall and moving them around to create a balanced and visually pleasing grouping. Start by placing the largest pieces evenly throughout the designated space and then using smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. Keep the space between pieces fairly small and uniform for cohesiveness and to prevent scattering the art over too broad an area. Once you have the configuration you like, tap your picture-hanging apparatus through the paper into the wall, remove the paper template, and hang the real piece.

Rotating Collection

When you have more artwork to display than space, set up a simple rotating system by installing picture rails. Picture rails attached to your wall at just below eye level means displayed art pieces are at the perfect height for viewing. Lean larger pieces against the wall and layer smaller pieces in front of larger ones for a dynamic display. Change out pieces regularly to keep the display fresh and eye-catching.


Hanging artwork in a symmetrical way creates a soothing, peaceful atmosphere in a home. Create symmetry through the use of identical frames and mattes, painting frames the same color, and hanging pieces symmetrically. Focal walls, above large pieces of furniture such as sofas or tables or along hallways are all excellent spaces in which to create symmetry.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about how to hang and display your art collection. Search for ideas online or get some ideas from interior designers or art specialists. When it comes to safely storing and preserving your art treasures in Southern Florida, rely on the expertise of Museo Vault. We specialize in providing top quality fine art and antique storage along with an array of related services.

Contact Us

Whether you are setting up for an art show display for your collection, are giving your home a new flair, or in need of storing your wall art display in Southern Florida, give us a call or get a free quote! Our professional team will take care of your art and also display it in the optimal format for the best experience.

Your Guide to Buying Fine Art

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and this is so very true when you buy fine art. You will want to take your time to research pieces, but it’s also important to choose items that you simply enjoy viewing. If you are considering art as an investment, be meticulous with your research to adequately estimate your return on investment, and then protect that investment with professional art storage.

Initial Steps When You Want to Buy Fine Art

A really fun part of the process of choosing and purchasing fine art can be deciding what type of art you most want to own. View as much art as possible at museums and galleries, and check out art books, online galleries, and exhibition catalogs.

Review many styles, techniques, mediums, and periods before buying. Do not limit yourself. Look at as many different artists and pieces as possible, along with different types of art, such as:

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Prints
  • Photographs
  • Sculptures
  • Collectible furniture
  • Tapestries
  • Antiques

Research Before You Buy Fine Art

Once you have found an artist you like, find out as much as you can about that artist. What is his or her story, for what is he or she known, has he or she had big art shows, have they exhibited in a museum in the part, is there a certain period or body or work in his or her career that is more valuable than others? The history of the gallery that represents them is also important to consider. This will help you choose a piece you love and can enhance it as an investment.

Purchasing at a Fine Art Auction

Before you purchase, set your spending limit, particularly if you are going to buy at a fine art auction, to keep yourself from getting caught up in the moment and overspending. Attend a few auctions before you purchase so you understand the process, and research their policies and procedures so you know what to expect. Understanding the auction house fees and commission percentages is also important as you should be prepared to include them in your budget. As a new art buyer, it is good advice to check out small auction houses first. It may also be a good idea to approach a professional who can liaison between you and several of the auction houses to get you the best deal possible.

Additional Costs When You Buy Fine Art

In order to budget correctly, you must know the other costs associated with the purchase of fine art. Some things to consider are the cost of:

  • The buyer’s premium (paid to the auction house)
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Shipping
  • Framing
  • Installation
  • Lighting
  • Storage

If you are purchasing as an investment, or if your collection has outgrown your display space, professional white glove art storage is crucial. Protect your collection in the Miami and West Palm Beach area by contacting Museo Vault for a quote today.


How to Prevent Water Damage to Art Caused by Flooding

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If you’re an avid art collector or an artist yourself living in Miami, you have probably considered the possibility of a flood occurring.

But have you considered what this flood could do to your paintings and other art? Have you taken the proper steps to store your art correctly that will protect against even the worst kind of flood waters?

Not all homes and apartment buildings are the same, and that means not all of them prevent from leakage or overflow in the case of a flood. And if you have sensitive art in your basement (which, unfortunately, is the place often used to store artwork), then your art could be at risk.

It’s never fun dealing with wet artwork damaged by a flood.

The problem is that not everyone knows what they should or can do to prevent against damaged art from flooding. That’s where we have decided to step in and provide some much needed assistance to you and anyone else seeking answers about protecting your work of art from flood waters.

This guide will inform you on how your artwork can be ruined during a flood and what steps you can take to prevent against having a heaping mess of wet artwork to clean.

Flood Waters

How Flooding Leads to Damaged Art

Many people imagine waves of water when they hear the word “flood,” but a flood can bring a lot more than just water.

If flood waters break through into your home, apartment, or office, that means all types of debris are coming in with it: wood, dirt, leaves, and any other items on the ground that it may have picked up on the way.

For the art in your home, this means that flooding often results in more than just wet artwork and can lead to much more severely damaged art that you may not be able to refurbish.

Taking the proper steps against flood damage is not only a good idea – it’s a must for those who handle sensitive artwork. If this is you, then you definitely need to consider options for protecting your artwork.

Keep reading below to learn about the steps you can take to prevent against any damage that may occur to your artwork in the case of a flood.

Flood Barrier

How to Prevent Against Flood Damage

Like I said, not everyone knows what they can do to prevent against flood damage.

That’s why we decided to make this guide.

There are some key steps you can take immediately to prevent against flood damage, which are listed below for your convenience.

1. Properly Storing Art

Storing art correctly is one of the most important things to do when considering how to prevent against having wet artwork or damaged art.

This is because, if a flood occurs, this will be where your art is. If it’s right in the crosshairs and isn’t stored correctly, you’re going to have wet and damaged art on your hands.

Proper art storage means storing your art pieces on the appropriate shelfs, in the proper envelopes, and in the right room designed for holding sensitive art material. Your house may not have the right tools or features to do all of these things, so you might have to consider adding the necessary features to store your art properly (or look for other buildings to store it in).

2. Elevate Building

Another key solution to prevent any water to flood your artwork is to raise the building you are housing them in.

If you’re housing your art in your actual house, this may be either difficult to do or even impossible (depending on where you live and what your neighborhood regulations limit you from doing).

But if you can – and you’re concerned about getting your artwork wet or damaged from a flood– then this might be a very appealing option to protect your valuable belongings. Because there’s simply no better solution to protect against a flood than being above the water.

Moving Art

3. Keep Art Out of the Basement

Along the same lines as the one above, instead of raising the whole building you’re storing your artwork in, you can simply raise them from being in the basement.

The basement is the lowest part of your house, and as such, if any flood water broke into your house, that would be the first place it all heads. Besides, basements can lead to wet artwork and damaged art in more ways than just flooding.

Basements are damp and humid, and this can also result in damaged art that won’t be able to be fixed.

4. Construct Flood Walls/Barriers

To either slow down the flow of water or stop it completely, you can erect flood barriers to try and stop the waters from reaching your house.

The barrier could be levees, which are often used all over the country to prevent flooding from happening.

There are also materials that you can apply to your walls and belongings in your home that can stop water from leaking too much – or not at all – which can help protect your artwork from flooding waters, bringing along debris.

Or… Call Museo Vault

If all this sounds like a headache, don’t worry. There are other routes you can take.

For example, storing your artwork in professional art storage facilities that are designed specifically to protect against flood damage to your sensitive art materials.

And this can be done at Museo Vault fine art storage facility.

The Museo Vault facility in Miami is an 85,000-sq. ft. facility over 18 feet above sea level that offers 24/7 security for your artwork.

The best part is that the building was also constructed to defeat a category 5 hurricane. In Miami especially, protection against hurricane floods is a crucial characteristic when considering where you should store your art. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help store and protect your art.

Miami Street Art

Miami’s Top 10 Most Instagrammable Street Art

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Miami is a hub for amazing art – whether outdoor art in the form of murals, street art, graffiti and guerilla art, there is art to be enjoyed at every corner of this vibrant city.

Miami graffiti offers a variety of arts of all types, objects, forms, and in no particular order, we are about to dish the Miami street art out for you.

That way, when you arrive on the streets of Miami, you won’t have to spend any time Google-ing or scrolling Instagram posts to find the best Miami graffiti and street art for the ultimate Miami art experience.

Top 10 Miami Street Art Locations to Visit

1. Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls is one of the most popular Miami street art installations and museums in the city’s bustling art scene. Community revitalizer and place maker, Tony Goldman, created the Wynwood Walls, with a simple idea to bring the area’s large stock of warehouse buildings to life to make the greatest outdoor art seen in one place.

The area makes up the 25th and 26th street complex complete with artwork from some of the world’s most renowned artists. The area also includes the Wynwood Doors (a portrait gallery), Joey’s Italian Café, and other interesting attractions.

The Wynwood Walls area is one of the best areas to scope out Miami street art while simultaneously getting some awesome Instagram art for your profile. Hashtag #WynwoodMiami #WynwoodLife to connect with Miami street art.

2. Brazilian Wolf

Artist Arlin Graff from Brazil creates outdoor art magic with his famous Brazilian wolf mural. This young and talented artist has been painting geometrical and animal-centric masterpieces for the greater part of a decade.

His frequently posted and photographed wolf mural can be found inside of Wynwood Walls among the overwhelming amount of Instagram worthy art this effervescent area of Miami provides. Tag @Arlin_Graff in your Instagram art post!

3. Art Basel

Art Basel

Art Basel is a world-renowned art show that has been curating legendary galleries all over the globe. The dream has been going strong since its inhabitation in 1970 when three Basel gallerists combined their determination and passion driven by an ambitious vision to create an international art experience.

Miami Beach is treated to the premier art show of the Americans and stands as a platform for the best artists in the world. Check the website for up to date information regarding the newest dates and news and use the hashtag #ArtBaselMiami in your social media post!

4. Miami Design District

If you are looking for the best Miami street art to stare at, pose at, and post epic Instagram photos at, the Miami Design District is a must-visit. This trendy and art-forward area of town offers some of the best sights and sees of the most colorful city in Florida.

The Miami Design District is opportunely located under three miles from Downtown Miami and five miles from the Miami International Airport. Make sure to utilize the #MiamiDesignDistrict #atMDD hashtags on your next visit!

5. Umbrella Sky

Umbrella Sky

Outdoor art in Miami is bountiful and glorious, and offers some of the best opportunism to snap epic and breathtaking photos that will blow the ‘like’ meter on your social media accounts.

These prime Instagram art opportunities do not present themselves every day, and you definitely have to check out Miami’s ‘Umbrella Sky’ installation in the heart of the eccentric Coral Gables neighborhood. Use the hashtag #UmbrellaSky when uploading your snaps to social media.

6. Butterfly Girl

Considered some of the most photographed of the Wynwood Wall Miami street art in the entire city, this outdoor art mural by artist Findac, features a very thin net hanging several inches in front of the female beauty, creating the effect of butterflies flying around the scene. Bring your iPhone X, grab your friends, and take to discover the impressiveness of all the Miami street art scene has to offer.

7. Le Corbusier

Located in Miami’s Design District, this famous popular Instagram art install is definitely a crowd favorite for those looking to uncover all that Miami’s interactive art scene entails.

This ‘Blue Man’ is an ode to the multifaceted artist and modern architecture pioneer Xavier Veilhan.  This formidable fiberglass sculpture renders a portrait of the iconic designer and artist in a larger than life interactive art piece.

8. Perez Art Museum Miami

Perez Art Museum Miami

Aptly named PAMM, the Pérez Art Museum Miami is a modern and contemporary art museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international art of the 20th and 21st centuries. This landmark museum is Miami’s flagship art museum, and features unique, diverse, and groundbreaking exhibits for all to enjoy.

9. Fly’s Eye Dome

Buckminster Fuller created one of the most memorable pieces of Miami street art and interactive outdoor art in general when he crafted his famous Fly’s Eye Dome. The dome-like sculpture is located in the Miami Design District and continues to serve at an exciting and an Instagram art must-see of this thriving Miami district.

10. DASH Fence

The DASH Fence is a 100-foot fence inspired by the varying depths and patterns of a wave designed by Marc Newson. Located at the Design & Architecture High School, this ginormous outdoor art is the perfect opportunity to snap a picture with your best friend and post to your social media. The fence shifts in appearance as you walk closer and farther away because of its design and framework of thin metal frames composed of four hundred vertical fins of varying depths.

Do Not Miss Out on the Best Miami Street Art

If you’re a Miami local or making a trip to Miami soon and are looking for the most drool worthy locations to soak up every ounce of Miami graffiti and the culturally diverse atmosphere this growing art hub offers, check out all of these Instagram worthy places today.

Make sure to check out the latest and greatest of Miami art scene information on your next trip or stay informed as a Miami local.

Red Carpet Event

Vizcaya Museum and Garden’s 62nd Annual Ball

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Vizcaya Ball

Museo Vault is excited to participate in the widely-anticipated 62nd Annual Ball for Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on November 17, 2018. The ball will highlight Eastern influences on art and high-end fashion with the theme “East Meets West, the Silk Road to Vizcaya.” Philanthropists and art enthusiasts won’t want to miss this elegant affair, which is incomparable in the world of fine art events.

The event features a red carpet entrance, cocktails in the courtyard, and breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. Guests will enjoy dancing and dining while dressed to reflect the elegant styles of rich Eastern culture and conclude the evening with a dazzling fireworks presentation.

Luxurious Locale & History

The glamorous ball raises funds to preserve the architectural beauty of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, which was once home to agricultural industrialist James Deering. The luxurious historic home was inspired by Italian villas and was both a tribute to the past and an incorporation of modern styles, shown through the range of time periods in the various art collections.

The vast gardens resemble those of Florence and Rome and are some of the most elaborate in the United States. The landscape design features a secret garden, maze garden, and theater garden, as well as statues and elaborate fountains. The foliage includes orchids, a favorite of Deering, and subtropical plants that are compatible with Florida’s humid climate.

Silent Auction

A key component in raising the funds to support the preservation of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the silent auction. Auction items have been donated by local philanthropists and prominent businesses, including Museo Vault. Guests will have the opportunity to view the auction items and privately bid on them at the ball or visit the auction website for a complete list of auction items one week before the event.

Museo Vault

The Museo Vault is a proud participant of Vizcaya Museum and Garden’s 62nd Annual Ball and is honored to be a sponsor for the silent auction. We have donated items for bidding and look forward to attending.

Museo Vault is a high-end fine art facility for storage and related services. We have been doing business with premier artists and at fine art events in Miami for 10 years and are excited to be expanding to West Palm Beach. Click here for more information about our fine art and antique storage services, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Anniversary Event

Museo Vault Presents: Locust Projects 20th Anniversary Event

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The 20th Anniversary Benefit Dinner for the Locust Projects is sponsored by the Museo Vault, a local fine art and antique storage facility dedicated to meeting the highest needs of art clients around the world.

The event will be held November 10, 2018, at The Standard Spa Miami Beach. From 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. guests will enjoy fine dining among friends and colleagues, as well as artist performances and other creative art events.

We will be honoring the incredible chairs of the board of directors, Debra and Dennis Scholl and our founding artists, Westen Charles, Elizabeth Withstandley, and COOPER.

We also feature Locust Projects’ first major publication, produced by Tra Publishing.

What is Locust Projects?

In 1998, three Miami-based artists came together to organize a not for profit exhibition space for local, national and international artists, inviting and encouraging contemporary visual artists to create temporary site-specific installations, to use the space for experimentation and development without the restrictions and pressures that accompany traditional exhibition spaces. This became what we know as Locust Projects. Now located in Miami, Locust Projects is involved in many educational programs and initiatives that benefit the local community.

Dennis and Debra Scholl

In 2001, when Locust Projects became officially incorporated, a board of directors was added and Debra and Dennis Scholl were welcomed as the founding chairs of the board. They continue serving in this capacity today, twenty years later.

Debra and Dennis Scholl started their careers as lawyers but made the switch to real estate development, which has allowed them to devote more time to their passions and their community. They are avid art collectors, current and past members of the board of directors for several museums, and have even created their own wine label in Australia. Dennis Scholl is currently the CEO of ArtCenter/South Florida.

Founding Artists

Westen Charles – Known for quirky psychological elements incorporated in his designs. Studied at the University of Miami and the Pratt Institute.

Elizabeth Withstandley – Works with multi-media installations, video art, photography, conceptual, and digital. Studied at the Pratt Institute and the University of Alabama.

COOPER – Known for emotional sculptures portraying emotion, death, and the struggle for power. His pieces include an element of darkness and obscurity. Studied at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Pratt Institute, and the University of Alabama.

Museo Vault

The Museo Vault is proud to provide the art event sponsorship for this prestigious gathering and to be a part of the 20-year legacy celebration. We are the premier provider of fine art and antique storage services in South Florida and also specialize in installation, packaging, transportation, collection management, and shipping services.

To learn more about the fine art services we provide, please visit the Museo Vault or contact us today!

New Museo Vault Location in West Palm Beach

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New Museo Vault Location in West Palm Beach
Art Storage Facility in Southeast Florida to Open September 1, 2018

West Palm Beach, FL: Ten years after dominating the art storage market in South Florida with their one-of-a-kind approach, Museo Vault proudly announces their convenient new location opening in West Palm Beach, FL on September 1st. Located in West Palm Beach, FL the new Museo Vault is just west of I-95 on Northpoint Parkway and is less than 15 minutes from the island of Palm Beach. The satellite location will allow Museo Vault to better serve clients in Palm Beach County and avoid clients’ hefty transport fees to/from the current Dade location.

Museo Vault co-founder David Lombardi considers Palm Beach “an obvious choice for Museo Vault’s second location.” With ten years of experience and an impeccable reputation within their Miami client base, Lombardi has noticed “a shift in some of that clientele north to Palm Beach and we want to be there for them.” Todd Ruderman, managing partner of Museo Vault and co-founder of Value Store It Management, adds that “Museo Vault is excited to expand our fine arts services and storage business to the Palm Beach market. With the growth of collectors, museums and art related businesses, we see the need for providing the same exemplary services Museo Vault extends in South Florida to the Palm Beach areas.”

Museo Vault’s new West Palm Beach location will provide the following essential services to art collectors in Florida:

  • Packing
  • Crating
  • Domestic and international shipping
  • Local transport
  • Installation
  • Climate-controlled secure storage
  • Arranging conservation
  • Restoration and appraisal

About Museo Vault: Museo Vault is the premier provider of art storage and related services in South Florida. Developed by a group of real estate professionals who saw a need for the quickly growing Miami art scene, Museo Vault is the first purpose-built fine art storage and related service center in the area. With expert input from art insurance consultants, the Museo Vault team created an all-in one company that could cater to the highest needs of art clients around the world.

Wine Tasting in Miami

Wine Tasting in Miami – the Best Local Wine Tasting Events This Summer

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With the days getting longer, summertime is the ideal time of year to add some enjoyable, seasonal activities into your schedule.

Fortunately, Miami and South Beach have no shortage of summer events to cater to the fine tastes of residents and visitors alike.

If you’re a lover of all things fine – fine art, wine, and food, for example – Miami offers a plethora of events to meet your desires.

From wine tasting in Miami to the Miami Food and Wine Festival, this is the place to come to explore new flavors and experiences.

Experience the Very Best of Miami and South Beach: 6 Food and Wine Events in Miami

One of the main wine events here is the Food Network’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Although this year’s event has already taken place, the dates for next year have been set. Be sure to mark your calendars for Feb 20-24, 2019.

Of course, you’re not limited to this food and wine festival. Miami and South Beach have a lot to offer, especially this summer.

Here’s just a taste of what wine connoisseurs like yourself can find this summer.

Wine Tasting

1. Vineyard to Beach: “A Red, White and Sparkling” Summer Wine Tasting Series

This is one of the premier wine events in Miami. It’s hosted by Malibu Farm Miami Beach restaurant, which has been described as the “epitome of laid-back luxury.”

Located within the Eden Roc Hotel, the venue offers breathtaking ocean views, and has a light and airy, yet sophisticated, atmosphere.

During the summer months, Malibu Farm Miami Beach presents the Miami wine tasting series: Vineyard to Beach: “A Red, White and Sparkling” Summer Wine Tasting Series.

During the event, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of not just one prestigious winery in Miami, but multiple wineries that cater to discerning connoisseurs.

The goal of this series is to educate as well as entice. The tours will be led by industry experts so that you can gain an even deeper knowledge of the best wines Miami has to offer.

The series runs every Saturday from July 7 to August 4, with each day being spent at a different winery in Miami.

Wine Tasting

2. Florida Wine Academy Presents: Grape to Glass

How would you like to take your wine expertise to the next level?

If that appeals to you, then you should buy tickets for a summer wine course offered by the Florida Wine Academy.

The class will take place on June 27. The course lasts about two-and-a-half hours. During this time, you’ll learn about the characteristics of five types of wines. You’ll learn about the grape itself, as well as the climate in which it was grown and how each affects the flavor of the final product.

You’ll also learn how to make the best food and wine pairings.

Wine at Steakhouse

3. The Forge Restaurant & Wine Bar on Miami Beach

If you prefer a night out on the town instead of attending a specific event, you need to find a restaurant that caters to your high-class tastes and palate.

How would you feel about going to a restaurant recommended by a  multi-Michelin Star chef?

French chef Daniel Boulud lives and works in NYC, but he makes frequent trips to Miami. One of his favorite places to eat is The Forge.

This high-end steakhouse has an extensive wine cellar which houses millions of dollars of wine. And the food is pretty fantastic.

Another perk of spending an evening at The Forge: The A-list clientele. Enjoy some people watching as you sip from the restaurant’s incredible wine collection.

Wine Tasting

4. “Farm to Farm” Five-Course Dinner with Chefs Phillip Bryant and Veronica Valdivia

Do you like the idea of dining at a private estate? Then next summer, you should definitely attend the “Farm to Farm” dinner that was held in June this year at Estancia Culinaria.

Described as casual yet elegant, Estancia Culinaria is a favorite venue for special events, like weddings and receptions.

On June 29, the private estate hosted a five-course dinner prepared by chefs Phillip Bryant and Veronica Valdivia.

The chefs created a meal made only of fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients.

Brenda Poo, a renowned wine consultant, was on-hand as well. She selected the wine pairings for each course and explained each pairing in depth.

Miami Ocean Avenue Wine Tour

5. Miami Beach Food and Art Deco Walking Tour

If you’d like to get up close and personal with the local art scene, all while enjoying some of the best food Florida has to offer, you should definitely take advantage of the Miami Beach Food and Art Deco Walking Tour.

This is a three-hour tour through South Beach. You’ll get to sample food and drinks from five of the best restaurants in South Beach.

Along the tour, you’ll hear live samba music and get to explore the gorgeous art deco architecture that South Beach is famous for.

Create Your Own Miami Wine Tasting and Art Show Event with Museo Vault Company

At Museo Vault, we love the finer things in life, too. That’s why we offer exceptional services to protect some of your most valued possessions: your art.

But that’s not all we offer to our valued customers. We also offer the opportunity to host your very own art show and wine tasting in Miami.

In our exhibition room, we will create a customized viewing experience. We can set up your artwork like an exhibit you’d see in an art gallery. Or, we can put your artwork on display in an auction-like setting so that you can sell some of your pieces to private buyers.

During your event, you can serve a full meal to your guests or have an hors d’oeuvres and wine bar.

We will ensure that your art is safe and secure.

Our exhibition area is the perfect setting to put your fine art on display to share with the world. Add some of the best wine Miami has to offer and your event will be one of the best your guests have ever experienced.

Are you interested in hosting an art exhibit and wine tasting event? Contact us to schedule a tour of our exhibition room and find out more about how we can help make your event unforgettable.