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Picking Art for Your Home: An Amateur Collector’s Guide

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Sunday flea market.

Your home should be a reflection of the personality (or personalities) that lives there. Ideally, nothing should end up in your living space that isn’t functional for you or beautiful to you or a combination of the two. Artwork is no exception. The art you choose to hang or showcase around your home should be pieces that speak to you in some way. When you invest in pieces that you truly love, your home will seem more comfortable and nurturing.


There are no rules to choosing art you love; that choice will often be a result of a gut reaction you feel toward any specific piece. It doesn’t matter if the piece was created by a famous artist or your young nephew: if you love it and it speaks to you, that’s art.


There are, however, some general guidelines you can utilize as you look to populate the walls and other spaces in your home with beautiful works.




While fine art can be an investment, it should never be a road to bankruptcy. Consider your budget as you look for pieces you want to buy. There are many places where you can find stunning pieces that won’t break the bank while not requiring you to compromise on quality. This article lists 21 websites that sell affordable, high quality artworks. You can also explore the wide variety available on, where vendors are average people who have decided to share some of their extraordinary talents.


Towns and cities often have art festivals throughout the year, and it’s worth peeking in to local galleries to further your education on art as well as pick up originals by up-and-coming artists whose works are within your budget. Become a frequent visitor to estate sales and flea markets. It is even possible to find decent artwork at thrift stores and discount stores if you search a little.




While you can certainly fall in love with a mass-produced piece (they are, after all, mass-produced because they seem to be universally appealing), there is a certain thrill in owning an original, unique work. It might also fit within your budget to commission a piece from an artist that will be able to take your desires into consideration.


How It Fits in Your Home


Size, color, and shape are also considerations when you are working to curate artwork on your walls. Pieces have more impact if they are proportionate to the wall on which they are to be hung. Smaller canvases have impact when they are grouped together. You can use colors within the artwork to choose colors for the walls and furniture, or you can choose pieces according to how they fit into your existing décor.


Don’t be afraid to move your art around your home or on the walls to find the most pleasing configurations. When your collection expands beyond your ability to display it all at once, be sure to store it in a way that will not cause damage. You can rotate your collection as the mood strikes.