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Why Climate-Controlled Self-Storage is Recommended for Fine Art

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For fine art collectors, curators, and gallery owners, correctly storing art pieces is of crucial importance. The hot, humid climate of Miami and South Florida requires special considerations in order to maintain the integrity of multiple types of media and protect the value of fine art. Therefore, your choice for art storage is vastly important. In this post, we will discuss how specialized climate-controlled fine art self-storage is imperative for protecting your investment.


Specialized Art Storage vs. Regular Self-Storage

Regular self-storage units are readily available to anyone looking for a place to stash household goods, personal items, or office overflow—and they generally work very well for those purposes. You can choose between air conditioned and non-air conditioned units to suit your needs and to minimize damage to electronics, textiles, and documents.  But regular self-storage units fall far short of the special requirements needed to protect fine art, mainly because they do not offer complete climate control. Without both air conditioning and humidity control set to specific ranges that do not fluctuate, fine art pieces can quickly yellow or discolor, peel, curl, dry out, crack, mold, or mildew.  When stored in the wrong environment, the artist’s work can be destroyed thereby diminishing the piece’s value. Specialized art storage vaults or units are built to answer these comprehensive climate control needs and much more.


Special Considerations when Storing Fine Art

The following are things to look out for when storing fine art. Specialized art storage at Museo Vault will address each of these considerations but regular self-storage units (or storage in most residences) fail to do so.


Temperature: Seasonal changes bring with them wide swings in temperature, and even in the warm year-round climate of Southern Florida, such swings can cause too much expansion and contraction in the materials your art piece is made of. While climate-controlled self-storage units eliminate wild temperature swings, fine art actually prefers a cooler environment than you will find in most climate-controlled self-storage units. The optimum storage temperature is between 68° F and 73°F. While maintaining a constant temperature is important, humidity control is a much bigger issue.


Humidity: Atmospheric moisture greatly affects many types of art media, from paintings to sculptures. Big swings in humidity levels occur in normal self-storage units even if they claim to be climate controlled, which in this case only refers to air conditioning. In specialized art storage units, the humidity is kept within very specific parameters at all times depending on what the art pieces require, and fluctuations are closely monitored and controlled.


Security: Obviously, you want to have peace of mind that your valuable artwork or collection is as secure as humanly possible. Self-storage companies offer some security features such as gates, cameras, and on-premises security, but this type of security is grossly insufficient for highly valuable collections. Specialized art storage offers greatly enhanced security features to protect their clients’ investments from theft, fire, flooding, insects, and other pests.  For example, an art storage facility should require that an employee be with you at all times. The business should track what comes in and out of the facility and who signs for it, including documenting proper written authorization and recording photo identification.  In addition, their security system should include motion sensors, water sensors, shock sensors, and more.


Museo Vault is Miami’s premiere specialized climate-controlled art storage facility, catering to museums, private collections, and estates. With standards that surpass even those set by the American Association of Museums, we are fully equipped to safely store your art investment in a space that is custom for your needs. Visit our Home page to read more about our features and Request a Quote for your fine art storage and art service needs.