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Why it’s Worth It to Go With White Glove Moving and Storage

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Handling art correctly is critical for proper upkeep and longevity. Tales about mishandled art abound—from art arriving late to improper packing materials damaging art, breaking during a move, shattering into pieces, and even getting stolen. A white glove moving and storage company minimizes these concerns and takes all the hassle out of do-it-yourself moving.


1. All Sizes and Weights Accepted

If a customer has a metal sculpture weighing several thousand pounds, a white glove moving and storage company will transport it—expertly. Such companies can use forklifts and more for managing larger pieces, then turn right around and handle the most fragile rice paper with delicacy.


2. Smooth Journey

White glove companies ensure that artwork enjoys a smooth journey, whether it is local, across the country, or internationally. There will be no jostling, and the proper packing materials will be used. They may include acid-free tissue paper, shredded paper, bubble wrap and customized crates or cabinets. For example, sculptures are packed differently from paintings, and white glove movers have the special touch to ensure artwork arrives safely and on time. They also ensure that climate settings in the artwork storage space are as optimal as possible.


3. Peace of Mind

Traffic, weather, and vehicle breakdowns are three contributors that may mean artwork arrives late for an opening or gets stolen. White glove movers take security precautions such as tracking devices, alarms and locks. Confidentiality is a must; client identities and the artwork being transported are never revealed. White glove movers plan routes well in advance with an eye toward the weather, and drivers are trained for various weather and traffic situations. Moving vehicles are top of the line and well maintained.


4. Installation Help

White glove moving and storage companies can also help install art once it has arrived–whether to a storage space, a home, gallery, or museum. They ensure proper installation and check the environment for possible dangers such as humidity and salt.