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What To Look for In a White Glove Moving and Storage Company

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What To Look for In a White Glove Moving and Storage Company

You want to hire a moving company that will carefully handle and protect all of your household items, but if you are moving fine art or antiques, it is even more important that you attain a white glove moving and storage service like Museo Vault in Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida. Our staff is comprised of dedicated art handlers who understand the shipping needs of fine art and the concerns of an antique moving company.

Why You Need a White Glove Moving and Storage Company

Shipping paintings, sculptures, antiques, and other works is a science and an art unto itself. The staff of Museo Vault understands that each piece is its own unique treasure, and must be handled accordingly. The benefits of using a white glove moving and storage company include:

  • The education and experience of highly skilled art handlers specialized in museum practicesThe ability to accommodate pieces of all shapes, sizes, weights, and materials
  • The analysis of each item and determination of appropriate packing for smooth travel – this may include:
    • Acid free paper
    • Bubble wrap, foam, or palette tape
    • Customized crating or cabinets
    • Climate control when necessary
    • Wood crates when necessary
  • Confidence that your precious pieces will arrive on time and in pristine condition
  • Security measures taken including confidentiality of items being shipped, tracking devices, locks, and alarms

Expert Assistance From Start to Finish

Your white glove moving and storage company will share their knowledge and expertise from the start to the finish of your moving process. With a company like Museo Vault, you can enjoy:

  • Packing and loading assistance at original location
  • Unloading expertise at destination
  • Concierge receiving and releasing of storage items on your behalf in your absence
  • Help with installation of art, high end furniture and antiques
  • Analysis of climate needs, such as temperature, humidity, or salinity
  • Coordination of third party services like appraisals and restoration

When you are researching white glove moving companies, keep in mind that there are different white glove companies for different types of items, such as electronics and appliances. When shipping fine art or antiques, make sure you are enlisting dedicated art handlers to transport these valuable objects.

Contact Museo Vault today for more information about our many white glove art and antique moving and storage services.