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Four Reasons to Outsource Your Photography Tasks to Museo Vault

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As a gallery owner, you know how beautiful the artwork you offer has the potential to be, but do the people who pass by your gallery every day know this too? There are several ways to show off your art, including a product catalog or fliers announcing new artists or showings. We know you want to show it off, but between preparing for and hosting art exhibitions, finding new artists to feature and running your gallery on a daily basis, there isn’t always a lot of time to photograph the work in your gallery. Whether you need photos for promotional purposes or you need to document the pieces in your possession for insurance purposes, this is a task you may want to consider outsourcing.


Reasons to Outsource Art Photography with Us

Outsourcing art photography to skilled photographers frees up you and your employees to handle your everyday tasks and guarantees that you’ll get high quality images for promotional or documentation purposes.


When you employ Museo Vault’s trained staff photographers, you can go about the business of running your gallery with the confidence that our photographers will get great shots and won’t interfere with your customers and your business.


Museo Vault’s photography services are affordable and our skilled photographers work quickly to produce a file of photographs and get them to you quickly so that you can create your catalog, design a more accurate record of artwork with visual elements or even improve press releases to announce your activities.


When you call Museo Vault, our personnel can design a photography plan that fits your needs. We make it easy to manage art photography projects, because we will handle all of the details that go into photography sessions from A to Z.


Contact Museo Vault today to find out more about our photography services or to schedule an art shoot today.


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These Five Tips Can Help Your Gallery Bounce Back from the Recession

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Art is an expensive business and running a gallery can be even more so. From cutting costs to expanding services, there are a handful of things that gallery owners can do to save money and even bring more in.

Cut Shipping Costs. Shipping and art handling costs can be big expenses for small art galleries. Consider hiring a company that specializes in safe transport and setup of artwork and exhibitions that has competitive fees.

Diversify Your Services. If you have the staff and the know-how, try to expand your services. Find those pieces that your customers ask for and charge a finder’s fee. Consider joining forces with a company that specializes in collection management, to offer another service to your customers.

Partner With a Company That Offers Art Moving Services. Art collectors like to do business with galleries that offer a variety of services. In the same vein of the previous tip, when a collector buys a painting, they can’t always transport it home. If you find a company that offers art handling and shipping services, you might find that transferring the piece to its new owner is more convenient and cheaper.

Consider Offering Appraisal Services. Appraisal services can be big for art galleries. Some art collectors find it tremendously helpful to acquire a piece of art and have it appraised at the same time, from the same companies.

It can take time to see the savings, but if you’re serious about cutting costs and expanding your services as outlined above, Museo Vault can help.

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