Museo Vault Fine Art Storage


  • I was very satisfied with Museo Vault's services. I would use them again and most definitely recommend them to others. The art handlers were quiet, easy to work with, and professional. Everything was great. Museo Vault is an incredibly responsive company.

    H.M. Greene
  • We were very satisfied with the overall timeliness, professionalism, and quality of service provided to the Bass Museum of Art. Everything was perfect! I can't think of anything Museo Vault could do to improve. The guys were very helpful.

    Chelsea Guerdat
    Registrar & Exhibitions Manager
    Bass Museum of Art
  • I'm very happy with Museo Vault's services. Having help with scheduling and making sure every aspect of the installation was covered, was greatly appreciated! The installers were very professional and punctual. They came prepared and listened to the client's requests. I would definitely recommend their services to others.

    Constance Teissier
    Rockstar Interiors, Inc.
  • This past summer of 2011, I presented Museo Vault with a very difficult project of 25 large concrete sculptures - each one of which weighed between 600 and 3000 lbs. Each one was very fragile. We had a very short window of time to complete the job, considering that the job entailed: carefully moving each of the sculptures, packing them for international travel, placing each one in a 40 cargo container and securing them in a safe way for ocean travel, and all of the organization that goes with such a large international shipment of delicate sculpture.
    The Museo Vault team moved swiftly, professionally and intelligently to make the job go smoothly. The shipment arrived to its final destination in Europe without a single hitch. It was such a relief to have Museo Vault handle the entire situation as my confidence in their staff was invaluable. Many years ago I worked for various museums and high end galleries (from the American Museum of Natural History, to Matthew Marks Gallery) and I always prided myself on my strategic know-how and intelligent problem solving when it came to difficult installations and projects. But I was continuously impressed by the ideas and skills of the Museo crew that seemed to trump my own abilities to handle this large project!
    I work on a number of large scale sculpture installations at this point in my career. And I feel very lucky that Museo Vault exists to help me! I look forward to working again with them in the very near future. I can't thank them nor applaud their skills and professionalism enough. Thank you!

    David Brooks
  • This is the second year we have chosen to put our important art work in storage with Museo Vault during the months we are away. Not only are we much more relaxed when storms approach, but we want to complement on the quality and care of the men they send to pick up and reinstall the art. Kevin and Tao are professional, meticulously careful, and knowledgeable about how to handle the work in their hands. I want to thank Museo Vault for the excellent service they provide. We look forward to having our art in their hands for many years to come.

    Helene Berger
  • Andrea Gonzalez is awesome! She coordinated the fabrication of a crate I needed quickly. I was very thankful for all the handlers who provided me with ink samples and suggestions. And I look forward to working with Museo again in the near future.

    Don Lambert
  • We were extremely satisfied with everything and everyone. The crew were professional and patient and extremely pleasant to be around even after working long hours. These are qualities that are rare to find and are necessary in a business.

    Jin Ting Gow
    HerbalScience Group, LLC.
  • It has been stellar working with Museo Vault these past few years and witnessing the development of the services given and the structure that has been implemented. I feel quite confident that the HMF collection is handled with the highest care and that we are in highly capable hands. My experience has been working, for the most part, with Aramis Gutteriez, and frankly, the main reason I feel so confident with the care of the collection. He is remarkable, unflappable, and extremely efficient, a true asset to the company. I also find Kevin McGary and Anthony Malakates' execution of just about any task given, to be of the highest order. These are clearly, highly capable staff and a very solid team to work with. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Museo Vault in the years to come.

    Kimberly Marrero
    Curator, HMF Collection
  • I use Museo Vault for the temporary storage of my artwork during hurricane season, every year. The art handlers are excellent and very professional.

    Helene Berger
  • I am delighted to recommend Museo Vault for any of the many services they offer. The staff is extremely professional and goes above and beyond to make sure that they have done a good job. There is no other storage space like this in Miami and it is the only space I would recommend any gallery, museum or art collector to use. Every staff member at this facility has been wonderful to deal with and I highly recommend!

    Evelyn Montiel
    Projects & Operations Manager
  • I recently used Museo to ship some of my artwork and it went amazing. The pieces showed up in perfect condition and the gallerist was very impressed with the crates. Richard Martinez is a master packer and did an AMAZING job!

    Jen Stark
  • The Art installers did an excellent job and were very helpful in letting me think through the placement of the paintings. Museo Vault is lucky to have such a professional team.

    Alvaro Martinez-Fonts
    CEO of J.P.Morgan Florida Private Bank
  • We were very pleased with the fine art services rendered by Museo Vault. They handled the artworks we were borrowing with the utmost care and offered superb and timely communication.

    Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
    Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
    Washington University in St. Louis
  • I am pleased to recommend Museo Vault for any storage, shipping, crating, and packing needs of any artworks, sculpture and paintings. I have used them numerous times when I have lent out works to out-of-town institutions and found them to be professionally qualified and very dependable in a timely manner. The facility of Museo Vault is second to none, and I consider it a great resource and one of its kind in the City of Miami.

    Martin Margulies
    The Margulies Collection
  • Our gallery works with Museo Vault for a variety of jobs from crating and packing, to transportation and storage. Their staff is always doing everything possible to understand our every need and they work efficiently and effectively on the most intricate projects. I am always at ease when I know that they are handling our artwork and it is without hesitation that I recommend them to others.

    David Daniel
    Bortolami Gallery
  • Whenever I have any art related projects the first company I call is Museo Vault. The staff is professional, reliable, efficient and cost effective. I would never use any other art handling company.

    Cricket Taplin
    Cricket Taplin Collection Sagamore Hotel
  • Museo Vault, in our experience, has consistently provided 1st class service in all areas of art handling, packing and shipping. Credit goes to the management team at Museo for assembling and more importantly retaining a highly qualified and professional staff. OHWOW has been working with Museo Vault for roughly 2 years and we always are greeted by the same field staff. Everyone is professional, punctual and consistently providing better than expected results. In our industry there are no other local competitors in the same league as Museo.

    Mills Moran
    Managing Director
    OHWOW Gallery
  • We attended an auction held at Museo Vault where we purchased some very high end antiques and furniture, which required extreme care and professional transfer. We are incredibly pleased to have used Museo Vaults services in this regard. The items were delivered on time and in a professional manner. We would highly recommend Museo Vault's services.

    Scott A. Wagner
    Moore & Company, P.A.